Sunday, May 16, 2010


Embattled Mount Vernon Democratic Committee Chairman Devereaux Cannick

Racist Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee 2nd Vice Chairman Ronald Detres

The Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee continues to be a lawless regime only interested in advancing the agenda of only a few evil men and Woman City, County, and Statewide.  The recent article by The Journal News about the Mount Vernon Dem’s spending money despite a freeze ordered by the state in December 2008 only validates what is being said about the incompetent leadership in the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee.  The incompetence in Mount Vernon will certainly have a domino effect on every Democratic City, County, and Statewide election this November.

Mount Vernon District Leaders that have spoken with Mount Vernon Exposed™® in recent days have long suspected that the current party bosses were misappropriating funds. ”Everything was a secret”, says one district leader.  “Where is the money?  That is my hard earned money that they are messing around with”, she added. 

But the Mount Vernon Dem's trouble doesn’t end there.  Under the leadership of Devereaux Cannick it has been reported that Verizon has suspended phone service to Dem headquarters on more than one occasion and rent was never paid in a timely fashion.  The Mount Vernon Dem’s, one of the only Democratic organizations in the State of New York with a permanent, stationary, headquarters was more than 10 months behind in rent before Mayor Clinton Young stepped in to save the day. 

According to reports filed with the NYS Board of Elections, Mayor Young gave the troubled organization $14,200 to catch up on past due rent obligations and hold off eviction proceedings. $8,000 of the $14,200 was listed on Mayor Young’s financial disclosure as “party dues” even though no other individual or district leader made a contribution labeled as such.  District leaders have voiced concerns over Mayor Young giving such large contributions to the Mount Vernon Dem’s.  “No one gives up something without expecting anything in return”, says Samuel L. Rivers a Democratic District Leader who also questions the low property assessment for the building that houses the Mount Vernon Dem’s.   The corrupt leadership in the Mount Vernon Dem’s and the City of Mount Vernon are costing Mount Vernon taxpayers at least $40,000 annually in lost property tax revenue.

Mr. Cannick should have known better.  Either he was unaware, too trusting of his subordinates, didn’t care or just outright incompetent.  As a practicing attorney, neither answer is acceptable to the voters of Mount Vernon.  Mr. Cannick has managed to take an organization that was the top Democratic Party in the State of New York, and overnight, turn it into the laughingstock of the State of New York.  With the continued infighting and backdoor shenanigans in Mount Vernon, the Northern Democrats have joined forces and now have some say in electing candidates to countywide offices.  At least for now. 

Mr. Cannick could have avoided the negative press and the appearance of impropriety by utilizing the wisdom of 1st Vice Chair Reginald Lafayette and the legendary David Ford.  The stubbornness of the racist 2nd Vice Chair Ron Detres and his partner in crime, Michael Justino apparently was an obstacle for Mr. Cannick.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® has learned that Ronald Detres and Michael Justino have been having secret meetings at their homes preparing for the June 8th date for gathering petitions for the re-organization of the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee.  Their goal is to have Black district leaders that currently reside on the North side of Mount Vernon run in districts on the Southside of Mount Vernon. 

Mr. Detres has been using these racially divisive tactics for over a decade.  “Mr. Detres and Mr. Justino’s racially divisive tactic is one that will not be recognized and will be challenged head on”, says Samuel Rivers a Mount Vernon Democratic District Leader.  “It is because of people like Ron Detres and Michael Justino that Mount Vernon will not prosper.  Until these racist cowards are out of power, minorities and other political parties in Mount Vernon will continue to suffer at the hands of these evil men”, he said.

 Devereaux Cannick stated in the article published in the Journal News that the financial chaos in the Mount Vernon Democratic Committee will be rectified and that the MVDCC is sending a treasurer for training next week, however Devereux Cannick does not have the legal authority to appoint a treasurer.  The treasurer is elected by the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee as a whole.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® has been informed by several district leaders that legal challenges are expected against Cannick and company if he were to make such a reckless maneuver. 

The question on everyone’s mind is where is the money? Was it discreetly siphoned by party bosses or is it sitting in a bank not known to State officials where it belongs? Only time will tell if the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee will get its swagger back and become the powerful organization that it once was.  But one thing is for sure.  Mount Vernon will never bounce back with these incompetent leaders at the wheel.

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