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Mayor Clinton Young
A few months back Mount Vernon Exposed™® asked its readers, “What does it take to be a part of Mayor Young’s administration?”   We now ask the question, “What does it take to do business with the City of Mount Vernon?  In order to do business with the City of Mount Vernon, one must be corrupt and willing to pay the price of doing business.  The ideal candidate will possess unethical qualities, be a convicted felon, not afraid to pass cash under the table, and be willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top, even if that means making death threats to those that threaten their riches.  

One fine example of the ideal candidate looking to do business with the City of Mount Vernon is corrupt illegal Real Estate Broker James “James” Dickerson.  We use the world illegal because at the current moment, Mr. Dickerson does not have a valid NYS Real Estate Broker’s license, however Mr. Dickerson continues to practice real estate in the City of Mount Vernon.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® has seen several locations in the City of Mount Vernon where Dickerson has his real estate sign for his company, Resolution Trust Realty.  

One such location that Mr. Dickerson has his real estate signs is in Fleetwood at the former Bank of New York building, a property that is currently before various boards of the City seeking to gain approvals for a new development proposed at the site.  John Boykin, the disgraced former assistant to Mayor Young and Dickerson have now teamed up and are acting in the capacity as illegal lobbyists to usher this project through the City of Mount Vernon.  Mr. Boykin, at the direction of his wife, Assistant Corporation Counsel Joana Aggrey, approached City Council members at a recent work session meeting about the proposed development.  

James "Jamie" Dickerson
Dickerson, a violent hoodlum, has no regards for the law.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® receives at least a dozen tips a week about the conduct of Mr. Dickerson.  Such tips range from Mr. Dickerson’s violent and abusive behavior towards woman, shakedowns of persons looking to do business in Mount Vernon, and Mr. Dickerson passing bags of cash to Mayor Clinton Young.  It has also been alleged that Mr. Dickerson even had the testicular fortitude to march into the planning department and inform planning commissioner Jeffrey Williams that all project in the City of Mount Vernon go through him.  Mayor Young knows about Mr. Dickerson’s behavior and supports him 100%.   It is very suspect that elected officials in the City of Mount Vernon continue to associate with this convicted criminal.  Dickerson is also heading up Mayor Young’s re-election campaign.  

One may wonder what caused Dickerson to get on the wrong side of the law.  Has Mr. Dickerson always been corrupt?  The answer is yes.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® decided to do a thorough background check on Mr. Dickerson.   Our findings cannot all be put in one article, so therefore we are creating a mini-series on “The Life and Times of Jamie Dickerson”.    We plan to distribute a pamphlet called “Mayor Young and his Braintrust”  to every registered voter just in time for the election to let Mount Vernon residents know what is in store if Mayor Young is indeed elected for another 4 years.  

Jamie Dickerson’s Financial Troubles

Jamie Dickerson’s financial troubles began on April 16, 1997, the day the I.R.S. filed a tax lien against Mr. Dickerson for $35,506.08 in the Westchester County Clerk’s office.  Mr. Dickerson has been hooking and crooking ever since.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® received information from a family that was defrauded out of their home by James Dickerson in his official capacity as a former Licensed Real Estate Broker.   A family reached out to Mr. Dickerson to help them save their home at 124 ½ South 13th Avenue in Mount Vernon.  Instead of helping the family, Mr. Dickerson chose to help himself.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® obtained documents relating to the fraud.  It was expressed to Mount Vernon Exposed™® that the family wants Mr. Dickerson brought to justice for the crimes that he committed against them.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® will also assist the family to see that Mr. Dickerson is brought to justice for his egregious acts against society.  

Looking at the documents relating to this fraud, it isn’t hard to tell that some possible fraudulent activity took place during the closing.  According to persons familiar with the sale of the property, Mr. Dickerson was to step in and purchase the house from the homeowner that was in financial trouble.  An agreement was signed between the parties and Mr. Dickerson.  The agreement stipulated that Mr. Dickerson could never sell the house except back to the original owners when they were financially able to do so.  Such transactions are often referred to as “Foreclosure Rescue Scams a/k/a Equity Skimming” and are now illegal in New York State.  It is the actions of Mr. Dickerson and other like minded individuals that led to the housing meltdown across the United States.  

During the time Mr. Dickerson was in possession of the property, the homeowners were to remain as tenants and pay rent to Mr. Dickerson.  It is alleged that Mr. Dickerson never made the mortgage payments and kept the money for himself.   The house then went into foreclosure and Mr. Dickerson then sold the property to his then at the time girlfriend who was affiliated with another Mount Vernon company called First Equities with offices located at 50 Mount Vernon Avenue.   It is alleged that Mr. Dickerson profited well over $100K on this scam.  

Mr. Dickerson's Failure to Pay

Mr. Dickerson is no stranger to not making mortgage payments on properties that he owns.  If fact Mr. Dickerson does not like to pay rent either.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® earlier reported that Mr. Dickerson was living rent free at 164 Oakland Avenue; a property that he went into contract to purchase that was in foreclosure.    Mr. Dickerson again took advantage of a person looking for help during a time of crisis. 
Mr. Dickerson moved into 164 Oakland Avenue in early 2008.  The owner was facing foreclose and Mr. Dickerson made an agreement with the owner to try and purchase the property through a short sale.  A short sale is when the bank agrees to sell the property for less than what is owed on the mortgage.  

Mr. Dickerson then retained Hannah Gross as his attorney.  Hannah Gross, a political hack, is the wife of embattled Mount Vernon City Court Judge Mark Gross.  Judge Gross has come under fire for scamming Mount Vernon taxpayers for illegally listing himself as an employee of the City of Mount Vernon for 16 years when in fact he was merely only retained as of counsel to the Water Department.  This scam enabled Judge Gross to earn credits in the NYS pension system that will count towards his pension.

The house Mr. Dickerson was living in at 164 Oakland Avenue was the scene of many late night parties that included excessive alcohol and marijuana smoking.  Mr. Dickerson was often seen smoking marijuana at his parties.  City of Mount Vernon employees and elected officials, including Mayor Young, were frequent guests at Mr. Dickerson’s drug induced, rock star style parties.  

The party scene came to a screeching halt on January 11, 2010, when Countrywide Home Loans foreclosed on and took possession of 164 Oakland Avenue.  It is unclear if Mr. Dickerson is still illegally occupying the premises.  A source told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Mr. Dickerson held one of his famous parties in the summer of 2010, well after the bank foreclosed on the property.  Various city officials, including Mayor Young were in attendance the source told Mount Vernon Exposed™®.  

JAMES A DICKERSON BANK FRAUD DOCUMENTS                                                                                                   

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