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Alleged photo of Mount Vernon Police Officer's Deputy Chief Roland, Deputy Chief Dumser, and Lt. Michael Zarrelli in KKK uniform

In 1865, The United States Congress officially adopted the 13th amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  The 13th amendment officially abolished and prohibited slavery and indentured servitude, except as punishment for a crime.  But for the top brass in the Mount Vernon Police and Auxiliary Police Departments, the 13th amendment doesn’t exist and to them black people are still inferior, and should still be riding the back of the bus.  It appears that Klu Klux Klansmen are disguising themselves as Mount Vernon Police Officers.  

Embattled Mayor Clinton Young
On March 30, 2011, Mayor Young held his final State of the City Address in the City Council Chambers.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® was present at the event.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® arrived at City Hall at approximately 6:30 P.M. and entered City Council Chambers.  The chambers were practically empty at that time.  All of the seats were practically empty.  Samuel L. Rivers, Chairman of the Black Political Caucus of Westchester was sitting in the front row of seats, quietly minding his business.  The first row of seats had papers taped to the seats with the words “RESERVED”.  

Mr. Rivers was sitting there for approximately ten minutes before Will DuBose, Director of the Veteran’s Service agency asked Mr. Rivers to move.  Mr. DuBose said that the seats were reserved for the Veterans.  Mr. Rivers politely told Mr. DuBose that the seats were paid for by the taxpayers and are reserved for no one in particular.  Mr. Rivers then told Mr. DuBose that there was plenty of space for the veterans to sit in the row and he was more than welcome to sit down.  Mr. DuBose refused Mr. Rivers’ gesture to be seated and then walked away.  

Racist Captain Lichtman
About five minutes later, a second man approached Mr. Rivers’ about sitting in the first row.  The second man was not so nice.  The second man was more hostile, aggressive, and had no respect whatsoever.  “You can’t sit here” the man stated.  The identity of the second man was now known to be Captain Lichtman of the Mount Vernon Auxiliary Police.  Mr. Rivers then asked Capt. Lichtman why he couldn’t sit there.  Capt Lichtman then stated that the seats were reserved for the Mount Vernon Auxiliary Police.  Mr. Rivers’ appeared puzzled when answering Capt. Lichtman.  “Where does it say anywhere that these seats are reserved for the Auxiliary police sir”? Rivers said.  “Secondly, all rooms in City Hall are controlled by the City Council and I do not recall any ordinances being passed designating this seat for your exclusive use.  If you can find such an ordinance, I would be more than happy to move.” Rivers said. 

Capt. Lichtman became more belligerent and hostile.  It appeared that there were obvious problems with Capt. Lichtman by the way he spoke with Mr. Rivers’.  It became evident that Capt. Lichtman was a racist redneck that apparantly grew up in the back hills of Mississippi.  “You’re going to get up, one way or the other, you can go the easy way or the hard way,” Capt Lichtman said.  

“The auxiliary police are being recognized tonight” said Capt Lichtman.  “I am being recognized too tonight” said Rivers.  “Who is recognizing you” said Capt Lichtman”  “The same person that is recognizing you” said Rivers’.  Capt Lichtman then said “Well my officers need to have this row to sit down” said Capt Lichtman.  After about five minutes or so about five more Auxiliary officers sat down in the same row as Mr. Rivers.  All of the auxiliary officers were black.  None of the auxiliary officers said anything to Mr. Rivers.  Capt. Lichtman still continued to harass Mr. Rivers.  

Racist Bigot Trio
There was more than enough space for Capt. Lichtman to be seated but he refused.  It wasn’t  that Capt. Lichtman didn’t want to be seated; Capt. Lichtman didn’t want to sit down next to a black person that he didn’t have any control over.  Mr. Rivers’ was now a threat to Capt. Lichtman because he was speaking in a moderate tone and was questioning Capt Lichtman about his motives.  Capt. Lichtman’s true Klansman personality was now being displayed.  

Capt. Lichtman then turned extremely red in the face and walked away to go consult with the Grand Imperial Wizard, Grand Magi, and the Grand Titan of the Dominion, which would Deputy Chief Roland, Deputy Chief Dumser, and Lt. Michael Zurilli respectively.  This high ranking trio of bigots was recently exposed for running an elite corruption ring out of the Mount Vernon Police Department.  Inspector General Harry Stokes also found through an independent investigation that a Deputy Chief abused his power to violate the law to help a private businessman do a query on a batch of license plates.  

After the Klansmen were finished being debriefed by Capt. Lichtman, they then sent in a house Negro to approach Mr. Rivers.  The house Negro was even more aggressive than Capt. Lichtman

It became quite obvious that the trio of bigots were angry about Rivers’ exposing corruption about their elite unit operating in the Mount Vernon Police Department.  This was the perfect time for them to get revenge on Rivers’.  The expression on the trio’s face gave the impression that they had thoughts going through their head of “We are going to have ourselves a lynching in Mount Vernon tonight”.  Within minutes, about a dozen officers converged on City Hall on reports of a disturbance.  It was clear that the Klansman were calling in re-enforcements.  

House Negro Detective Anthony Burnett
While the house Negro was speaking to Mr. Rivers, another house Negro came on the scene.  The second house Negro was even more aggressive than the first.  House Negro #2 had a bigger ego than the first and didn’t care that he was being tape recorded.  It was obvious that house Negro #2 was more superior to house Negro #1.  House Negro #2 told Mr. Rivers “You will be removed from the seat, one way or another”.  House Negro #2 is known as Detective Anthony Burnett, the personal driver for Mayor Clinton Young.  

House Negro # 2 rose to fame during the years of the Ernie Davis administration.  House Negro #2’s incompetence led to the escape of prisioner while in his custody.  As a result of his incompetence, he was demoted.  Sources say that the escape was a carefully plotted and conspired escape and allegedly House Negro#2 was offered a bribe for his assistance in the escape.  The prisoner escaped while he was un cuffed by House Negro#2. 

After a few minutes or so, Police Commissioner Carl Bell entered the room and observed what was going on.  Commissioner Bell asked Mr. Rivers to speak with him privately.  Mr. Rivers’ agreed.  After a few minutes, Capt Lichtman came in hallway with Mr. Rivers’ bag in his hand.  Capt. Lichtman then dropped the bag on the floor at Mr. Rivers’ feet similar to the days of slavery when food was dropped at the feet of the slaves.  Capt. Lichtman then walked away without saying anything.  Capt. Lichtman then went back to retreat with his fellow Klansman.  

After about 5 minutes or so, Mr. Rivers walked away from Commissioner Bell satisfied with the way Commissioner Bell handled the situation.  “Mr. Bell spoke to me with respect and I spoke to him with respect” said Rivers.  “He didn’t come to me with this Rosa Parks get to the back of the bus mentality, courtesy is contagious” Rivers added. 

The Klansman and the house Negroes looked disappointed after Mr. Rivers finished speaking with Commissioner Bell.   Their plot to arrest and lynch Mr. Rivers’ was now foiled.  

Upon entering the City Council chambers it was noticed that the Auxiliary police were stilled seated in the first row.  Rivers’ then took a photograph of the officers sitting in the first row.  Capt. Lichtman then got up from his and charged at Mr. Rivers’ with his arm extended, assaulting Mr. Rivers.  “You can’t take my picture, you don’t have my permission” said Capt. Lichtman “You gave me your permission to take your picture the moment you walked through the door” said Rivers.  “You are going to be removed, you need to be removed” Capt. Lichtman said.  The black auxiliary officers immediately got up from the first row wanting to having nothing to do with Capt. Lichtman's racist tirade.

Capt. Lichtman then went to consult with the Imperial Grand Wizard about Mr. Rivers’ picture taking.  The Imperial Grand Wizard then told Capt. Lichtman than no crime was being committed.  Capt. Lichtman then went to a corner where he remained for the rest of the evening hiding behind Will DuBose.  Mr. Rivers then was trying to take a picture of Capt. Lichtman’s badge.  Capt. Lichtman kept dodging and ducking the camera.  Capt. Lichtman then placed a black band over his name tag so that he would not be identified.  One must wonder if the practice of covering up the name plates is standard operating procedure of the Mount Vernon Police Department.  

Grand Titan of the Dominion a/k/a Lt. Michael Zurilli remained quiet and close to the Imperial Grand Wizard the entire night.  Grand Titan of the Dominion ordered the arrest of Samuel L. Rivers at the DPW yard on April 21, 2011.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Grand Titan of the Dominion Zurilli is experiencing quite a bit of personal problems in life, and therefore that may be the cause of his irrational thinking.  It was reported that Grand Titan of the Dominion Zurilli's wife recently divorced him because of his personal problems.

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Grand Titan of the Dominion Zurilli is a compulsive gambler and allegedly gambled all of the money away during his marriage.  It was also reported that Grand Titan of the Dominion Zurilli was allegedly involved in an affair with another man and that was the breaking point in his marriage.  Whatever the case may be, Grand Titan of the Dominion Zurilli should seek professional counseling before his irrational thinking puts another innocent man behind bars. 

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