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Mount Vernon Exposed would like to welcome its loyal readers to the series. “Judge Not or You Will Too Be Judged.”   The judicial system is supposed to be the branch of government that is free from corruption and impropriety, and the branch of government that administers fair and impartial justice.  However that is not the case.  Corruption is permeating the Westchester County Court System. 

The purpose of this series is to expose those Judges that are corrupt and have violated the public trust as well as recognize those Judges that administer justice in a fair and impartial matter.  Not all is bad in the Westchester County Court System.  In fact, Westchester County has several judges that have had their decisions published due to their exceptional administration of justice.  The public demands to know those Judges that are recognized for their exceptional legal work.  

This series will focus of two of the most corrupt judges in the State of New York.  Those judges are Judge Adam Seiden of Mount Vernon and Judge Anthony Carbone of New Rochelle.  Both of these Judges are political hacks frequently engaging in unethical and unscrupulous behavior to further their personal ambitions.  Mount Vernon Exposed has obtained evidence that Judge Seiden and Judge Carbone have had several ex-parte conversations with the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office without the presence of opposing counsel.  After all, the Westchester County District Attorney does occupy real estate in every courthouse in Westchester County.  That means the Judges and the Assistant District Attorney’s share the same bathrooms and have access to the restricted areas away from the public eye. 

Judge Carbone is a sleazy and corrupt failed attorney that is alleged to have received tens of thousands of dollars in bribe money while he was a member of the New Rochelle planning board.  It is also alleged that former Mayor Tim Idoni received cash under the table from developers that helped to revitalize the New Rochelle skyline.

Mount Vernon Exposed begun this investigation over 1 year ago based on a tip received that Judge Seiden and his First Knight, Chief Clerk Larry Darden, were allegedly involved in a ticket fixing scandal.  (Details of this criminal activity will be provided at a later date). Currently in New York City, several New York City Police Officers are on trial for this act known to many as “common practice.”   Sources close to Judge Seiden and Clerk Darden told Mount Vernon Exposed that Darden is the Chief Architect of the scandal and brought Seiden and others in on the scam with him.  It is also common practice that Seiden on the advice from Darden routinely seal cases where evidence of Seiden/Darden cover-ups would be released to the public.  

Fearing that the cover on the operation will be blown on their most recent criminal act, Darden, Seiden, and others including Assistant District Attorney’s Stephen Ronco and John Thomas of the Mount Vernon branch began to hatch a plan to silence the individual that was investigating the allegations of corruption.  ON ORDERS FROM WESTCHESTER DISTRICT ATTORNEY JANET DIFIORE, Judge Seiden was told to find the defendant currently on trial for assaulting Community Activist, Samuel L. Rivers, not guilty by Judge Seiden even though the defendant admitted to Mount Vernon Police Detective that he did indeed assault Mr. Rivers. Most of the evidence in the case was ordered destroyed by Seiden and DeFiore and the transcripts were altered by the court reporter to favor a not guilty verdict.  Seiden then sealed the case to prevent the public and Mr. Rivers from obtaining the documentation Seiden used to make his corrupt and bias decision.  

While Judge Blackwood and Judge Gross recused themselves because of ongoing investigations initiated by Mr. Rivers, Judge Seiden felt that he was above the law.  Judge Seiden decided to hear the case anyway because it was already pre-determined that the defendant would be found not guilty.  Recently Mr. Rivers informed Mount Vernon Exposed that he was informed that there was a fix in to have the defendant found not guilty.  Mr. Rivers further explained that he received an anonymous phone call the day of the trial from someone purporting to be a court officer in Mount Vernon.  The caller called from a blocked number. 
The caller told Mr. Rivers that he would leave a tape recorder capable of capturing video in a paper towel in the men’s bathroom of the courthouse in a pre-disclosed location.  Upon arriving at the courthouse, Mr. Rivers told Mount Vernon Exposed that the tape recorder was indeed in the location the court officer told him it would be and he did indeed record his testimony and conversations with the district attorneys.  Mr. Rivers also told Mount Vernon Exposed that he videotaped an employee in the District Attorney’s office on Facebook for 30 minutes ( Video to be released at a later date) and then had the audacity to put on her coat and left for the day citing she was ill.  How is that for integrity?  The nearly two hour recording reveals widespread corruption that is permeating the City of Mount Vernon Court System.

Mr. Rivers is being maliciously prosecuted by corrupt District Attorney Janet DiFiore and her Assistant District Attorney’s, many who are fresh out of law school and are willing to do anything to make a name even if it means violating the law.  On the recording you can clearly hear Assistant District Stephen Ronco interrogate Mr. Rivers as if he was a criminal on trial, instead of the victim.  ADA Ronco even went as far to tell Mr. Rivers that his attorney knew that he was there to testify and made several fabrications on the record before Judge Seiden. 

On the tape you can clearly hear when Mr. Rivers took the stand; he immediately stated on the record that he had an active grievance before the Commission on Judicial Conduct.  Judge Seiden could care less and listened to the false representations concocted by ADA Stephen Ronco.  Mr. Rivers informed Mount Vernon Exposed that ADA Ronco never contacted his attorney regarding this matter either by phone, email, fax, or mail.  Mr. Rivers has informed Mount Vernon Exposed that a formal grievance was filed against the two ADA’s that participated in this conspiracy to violate his civil rights.  It was clear from the audio tape provided to Mount Vernon Exposed, that Judge Seiden displayed bias towards Mr. Rivers.  Seiden grew so angered with Mr. Rivers that he made him get off the stand at one point during his testimony. 

Judge Adam Seiden’s criminal behavior runs deep.  Over the next few months we will bring to light all of the crimes committed by Judge Seiden and his first Knight Larry Darden.  They stand accused of bribery, extortion, and racketeering.  In addition,  Mount Vernon Exposed has obtained evidence from a client of Judge Seiden’s  that put in writing that Seiden bilked them out of tens of thousands of dollars and also gave them advice on how to cheat the I.R.S.   Judge Seiden also committed several acts of Mortgage fraud relating to his house he purchased in Mount Kisco.  Judge Seiden is not a Mount Vernon resident.  Several police officers have told Mount Vernon Exposed that they routinely meet Judge Seiden on the side of the highway in upper Westchester for the purpose of signing warrants.

On Thursday, Judge Adam Seiden committed another act of corruption and unethical behavior.   While poor families must appear before Judge Seiden for fines relating to illegal parking, Judge Seiden himself parks illegally at bus stops while displaying an illegally obtained Mount Vernon Police Department placard that he displays on his front windshield.   How can Judge Seiden impose fines on the public when in fact he is a known lawbreaker himself?   After all, how can we expect a sleazy and grimy Judge such as Seiden to be fair when he was tape recorded calling the people living on the South Side of Mount Vernon animals?
In addition to Judge Seiden, there are active investigations before the Commission on Judicial Conduct on Judge Adam Seiden, Judge Helen Blackwood, Judge Mark Gross, and Judge Anthony Carbone, and Judge Susan Kettner .  

To be continued>>>



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