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On Monday March 12, 2012, Mount Vernon Exposed released evidence that Judge Adam Seiden had illegally obtained a parking placard from the Mount Vernon Police Department and was involved in a ticket fixing scandal.  Evidence also was released that Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore and members of her office were also involved in a cover up that deprived community activist Samuel L. Rivers of his Civil and Human rights.   Since the story broke, employees at the Mount Vernon Court House have been busy scrambling to cover up the corruption on the part of Janet DiFiore, Judge Seiden, and his first knight Larry Darden. 

Yesterday, while on official assignment as a member of the press investigating a lead for an upcoming article, Westchester County ADA’s Stephen Ronco and John Thomas retaliated against Mount Vernon Exposed Publisher Samuel L. Rivers for releasing the story to the public on March 13, 2012 and for filing grievance’s with the 2nd Department against them.  Both ADA’s aka Janet DiFiore’s lapdogs, face disbarment.   Samuel L. Rivers was FALSLY ARRESTED BY the Mount Vernon Police via an arrest warrant SIGNED BY JUDGE ADAM SEIDEN, on a fabricated report my by Antonetta Perone, daughter of corrupt and disgraced former  DPW Supervisor,  Frank Perone.  Sources have alleged that Perone was forced into retirement by City officials because he constantly took bribes on the side for using City workers to do work for private clients. 

We have obtained the police report used by Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore to file false charges with the Mount Vernon City Court.  Janet and her lapdogs then furthered their criminal activity by then going to Judge Adam Seiden’s office (JUDGE SEIDEN DID NOT HEAR ANY CASES THE DAY OF THE ARREST) to get an arrest warrant signed to bring in Samuel L. Rivers on a charge of HARRASSMENT IN THE 2ND DEGREE W/ PHYSICAL CONTACT.   

According to the complaining witness Antonetta Perone who resides at 319 Locust Street, Mount Vernon, NY 10552, hand written witness deposition obtained by Mount Vernon Exposed, “Sam Rivers approached window # 3, I told him I can only help him with his business and he proceeded to tape record at the window and take pictures which is not permitted.  He then said I don’t need to take your picture because I will follow you home because I know all about you.  I would like to press charges, I fear for my safety.  I am aware he has a gun.  I want an order of protection.” 

Sounds like a convincing story doesn’t it?  If indeed those words did come out of Samuel L. Rivers mouth in the order and fashion as described by Antonetta Perone in her witness deposition, then Mr. Rivers should be sent to jail for a very long time.  However, that isn’t the case at all.  In the tape recorded conversation obtained by Mount Vernon Exposed, we struggled to find anywhere in the conversation to find those exact words as written and sworn to under penalty of perjury by Antonetta Perone.  Perhaps one of Janet DiFiore’s tech savvy lapdogs can find a way to manipulate the conversation to favor their false and malicious prosecution of Mount Vernon Exposed Publisher Samuel L. Rivers.  That is why we decided to release the tape way ahead of the next court appearance. 

The version we listened to told a different story.  On tape, it appears that we hear Mr. Rivers attempt to locate Mr. Larry Darden and was unsuccessful.  We then hear Mr. Rivers leave a business card with an employee that works in Mr. Darden’s office.  We then hear Mr. Rivers ask for Ms. Albano, Director of Parking Bureau for the City of Mount Vernon.  We hear a pause and it appears that Mr. Rivers moves to another window to get serviced.  You then hear silence and a voice that is identified as Antonetta Perone say “SAM GO AWAY!”  Sounds like a bizarre and deranged way to greet a member of the press let alone a member of the public that was born and raised in the city of Mount.  Where did this young lady learn her table manners? It was clear that Antonetta had a bone to pick with Mr. Rivers because at one point in the conversation you can hear her threaten Mr. Rivers with arrest by saying “I’ll have you….then she caught herself.  It appears that power, greed, and the lust of the fast life have gotten to Ms. Perone’s head.  You must listen to the tape in its entirety.  As Antonetta is the only witness to this crime the trial should rather short unless the defense calls a lot of witnesses to the stand.   It is strange that in a building where at the time there were no less than 25 people present and in full sight to witness what was going on, Antonetta Perone is the only witness to this imaginary crime?  Hmmmmmm. 

The prosecution’s case is also built on the exceptional police work of Det. Quinoy, another STAR witness for the prosecution.   Should the public be concerned about an improper relationship between Antonetta Perone and Detective Quinoy?

It was also noted on the accusatory filed with the court that the source and basis for the filing of charges were due to a police investigation and that Detective Quinoy was the detective that was the complainant for the Westchester District Attorney.  Detective Quinoy was the Detective brought up on Federal criminal civil rights charges where he was charged with punching and kicking a man in handcuffs who confronted the married detective about rumors he was having an affair with his 22-year-old daughter. Quinoy took the stand during the trial and admitted he arrested Gomez’s wife, Awilda, a few hours after the incident with Gomez because she planned to file a complaint against him.  We certainly look forward to hearing Detective Quinoy’s testimony under oath and his investigative tactics.  We would love to hear his tactics on how he interviews witnesses and gathers evidence. 

The real motive behind the story is simple.  Janet DiFiore and Judge Seiden are upset with the information that was released pertaining to corruption on their part.  They are upset, bitter, and are using unconventional methods to bring Mr. Rivers up on criminal charges.  “If they don’t like what I report, and then clean up your act and you can put me out of business.  Just as with any business this is about supply and demand.  The public is demanding answers to the unsolved homicides and police cover ups assisted by Janet DiFiore.  And there is definitely no short supply of corruption to report.”

This lynching of Mr. Rivers by Janet DiFiore and Judge Adam Seiden was also a nefarious plot to ban Mr. Rivers from the courthouse so he could not investigate the allegations of ticket fixing and court case fixing by Larry Darden and Judge Seiden among others.  They only way this enormous task could be accomplished was to get someone in their criminal element to file a false police report and then they would take it from there.  The co-conspirators did not want Rivers in the courtrooms in The City of Mount Vernon.  An ORDER OF PROTECTION is currently in place banning Mr. Rivers from exercising his FIRST AMENDENT protected activities as a member of the press.  Would Janet DiFiore lock up a reporter from News 12 or The Journal News under similar circumstances?  Does Antonetta Perone feel that threatened of Mr. Rivers that she needs an order of protection even though she is behind 8 inch bulletproof glass and there are about a dozen gun toting Court Officers around?   

We sincerely hope Janet DiFiore can look deep, deep into her soul and save the taxpayers of Mount Vernon, Westchester County, and New York State some money by immediately dropping these charges and then file perjury charges against Antonetta Perone and force her to personally for any damages that may be incurred by taxpayers due to any future planned litigation.  Antonetta Perone should also be fired because she is a liability to the City of Mount Vernon.  She is rude, reckless, ill-mannered, and classless. 

The credibility of Janet DiFiore’s office is at stake.  Will she do the right thing? No need to wait to try to get one of the establishments’s crooked judges to find Mr. Rivers guilty, as there is NO JURY TRIAL afforded a defendant being prosecuted for a violation.  The evidence is being presented here on this forum for the world to see.  No need to waste the taxpayer’s money having a long and drawn out trial wasting already scare resources.  If Janet DiFiore does indeed think there is enough evidence to move forward with a prosecution, we implore her to televise the trial for complete transparency.  Mr.  Rivers told Mount Vernon Exposed that he too is in favor of a televised trial.  “I am all for transparency.  That has been my mission all along and I will not lose focus.  I must be getting close to blowing the lid off of the criminal element permeating the Westchester County Court System because they are just brazenly and stupidly breaking the law without a care or concern in world,” said Rivers. 

Mount Vernon Exposed did some investigation into the background of the complaining witness.  We were shocked at what we discovered.  Our investigation has revealed that Antonetta Perone aka Toni Perone is also involved in the parking ticket scandal alongside Judge Adam Seiden and Chief Darden. (Details to be released a public and televised press conference) 

Mount Vernon did a Google search on Antonetta Perone and several pictures came up including a picture of a scantily clad, Antonetta with a guy who appears to be licking his tongue towards Antoinette’s  breast.  Another picture shows Perone with a police officer that was under investigation for identity theft of a civilian.    

Many question the lifestyle on Antonetta Perone as it exceeds her salary as a cashier in the courthouse.  She drives around in the latest model E CLASS COUPE that has a starting price of $49,800 and can run as high as $90,000 depending on options.  Antonetta Perone’s salary for 2011 according to City of Mount Vernon payroll records is $36,260.  Does this young lady have a second job to keep up with her lifestyle because it is crystal clear that she raking in the dough from elsewhere?  That brings us back to the parking ticket scandal. 
Several sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Perone has a serious infatuation with Kim Kardashian.  Perone is alleged to have had tens of thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgery done including breast enhancements and butt injections to resemble her idol, Kim Kardashian.   Again, how does Antonetta Perone afford these cosmetic enhancements on her City of Mount Vernon salary?

Antonetta Perone’s high handed lifestyle doesn’t end there.  According to City records Antonetta Perone is listed as the owner of 319 Locust Street and there appears to be no mortgage on the property.  How many police officers in the City of Mount Vernon can say they are stretching their dollars as far as Antonetta Perone?  The starting salary for a police officer is just over $35K. 

Mr. Rivers also told Mount Vernon Exposed that he has no problem with the Mount Vernon Police Department.  “The Officers (MVPD) were extremely professional and courteous while I was in custody and explained to me that they had nothing to do with the situation and were surprised that the District Attorney even entertained Toni Perone’s foolishness.    
To Be Continued>>>>>>>

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