Monday, February 25, 2013



A source close to the Davis administration confirmed that Mayor Davis will be appointing tax cheat Terrance Raynor as the next Commissioner of the Mount Vernon Police Department.   Terrance Raynor recently made headlines after being sued for illegally claiming S.T.A.R. exemptions on two houses at the same time. 

Several residents have informed Mount Vernon exposed that they will bring legal action against Mayor Davis and the City of Mount Vernon because the City Charter mandates that the Police Commissioner live in the City of Mount Vernon.  Raynor is currently a resident of Peekskill. 
Raynor is the husband of Valerie Raynor, a key player in Janet DiFiore’s nanny gate scandal.  Valerie along with Diane Atkins, the current Commissioner of Recreation in the City of Mount Vernon, illegally approved benefits for DiFiore’s nanny when she was denied on two previous occasions. 

Terrance is also quite the playboy and ladies’ man and is said to have had several affairs and sexual relations with several city hall employees, rank and file officers of the MVPD and administrative staff at the MVPD.  Just how effective will Terrance be as police commissioner if he can’t keep his penis in his pants? One thing is for sure, if Raynor is appointed as MVPD Commissioner we will be on his trail like white on rice. 

To be continued……..


  1. Bob Dylan has a line in the song "Union Sundown" on the Infidels album that says, "This world is ruled by violence, but thats better left unsaid."
    In his song 'Hurricane" about the framed boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter Dylan writes, "Now all the criminals in their coats and ties are free to drink martinis and watch the sun rise while Rubin sits like Buda in a 10 foot cell an innocent man in a living hell. He's referring to the legal system and it's players.
    You expose the truth and justice will be done on that day when every tongue will be silenced and brought into account. We see very little justice and fairness in this life because mans heart is very corrupt. Our politicians, leader, judges, da's office. So what your exposing today is criminals beget criminals. It's our responsibility to tell others and get these self serving bums out of office. Keep up the good work.

  2. Forget Gotti as the teflon don, he had nothing on Atkins and the 2 Raynors. How long will they be allowed to get away with their corruption? No way, DiFiore will go after her top cop. Where is the state & federal investigation?


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