Saturday, February 9, 2013



Good Morning to our loyal Mount Vernon Exposed readers.  It has been quite some time since we shared some news with you.  We have received several calls from several of our subscribers and even politicians questioning if we still existed and if our silence has been brought.  We answer the question the same every time.  Our response will always be and have always been “What do you think?”

There is a saying, when the cat is away the mice will play. So when the cat has been away and just like creatures of habit, the mice began to play.  During our brief intermission, we have managed to secure over 500 hours of secret recordings and video of politicians, judges, and assistant district attorney's.  One such recording even has a top prosecutor in Janet DiFiore’s office frequenting bars in White Plains with under age women.  Our investigators have managed to follow this pedophile on two separate occasions. 

Many of our supporters have inundated our phones and emails with questions regarding the status of the criminal investigation into Janet DiFiore and her husband Dennis Glazer for hiring a nanny and paying her off the books for twenty years.  Janet DiFiore has been quiet and top officials in the Democratic Party have been working behind the scenes to secure Janet DiFiore a judgeship in the New York State Court of Claims.  With Janet DiFiore up for re-election this year and it being evident that she will be defeated Janet DiFiore’s political career is on life support. 

Mount Vernon Exposed is pleased to report that according to a federal source, The United States Department of Justice, I.R.S., and The Department of Homeland Security have begun a formal investigation into Janet DiFiore and her husband Dennis Glazer. 

Mount Vernon Exposed would also like to be the first to report that Dennis Glazer is no longer employed by the firm of Davis, Polk, and Wardell, LLP and was tossed by the partners for his excessive baggage and a pending federal investigation into his criminal activities. 

Janet DiFiore is no saint either.  Janet likes to walk around with the attitude that she is holier than thou but her closet also contains skeletons.  For starters, Janet DiFiore once tried to appoint one of her lovers she cheated on her husband with as her Chief of Investigations, a position now held by another crook Terrance Raynor who was just recently in the news for paying back over $19K in taxes to the City of Mount Vernon for defrauding taxpayers by illegally claiming exemptions on two properties in two different municipalities at the same time.

Janet DiFiore’s secret lover was and still is Peter Viviano, a former captain of the White Plains Police Department and is known to have ties to organized crme.  When Janet DiFiore lost her gun and had it covered up by a former Westchester County Police Department Commissioner, Janet and Peter were busy out having a night on the town.  In addition Mount Vernon Exposed has learned there is a video that exists that shows Janet DiFiore giving felacio to Peter Viviano and another video showing the two having rough role playing sex, complete with leather whips and handcuffs in her Bronxville home while Dennis Glazer was out of town on a business trip. 

It would be a travesty if we re-elect Janet DiFiore to public office.  She must first take care of home before she does the people’s business.  


  1. Interesting story. Don't know how true the story is regarding the nanny being paid off the books. There is proof that the nanny has over 40 qualifying quarters with the Social Security Administration, which means that Social Security taxes were paid which would mean she was paid on the books. By all means bring down corrupt politicians but stop smearing this poor domestic servant who is being used by the Gille-Vazquez DSS cabal. Where is the videotape of Gille having sex with underage boys?

  2. Whoah! Is this so? I work for DSS and I am so sick to my stomach that I have consistently denied ineligible customers benefits for oil bill payments only to see it being paid by Deputy Commissioner Phillippe Gille and Associate Commissioner Katherine Walushka at 112 East Post Road. I am putting it out there that every Westchester County resident seeking their oil bills paid and if they are denied, they should immediately contact Phillippe Gille and Katherine Walushka who will make sure that Jane Velasquez contacts the workers and their Managers to pay the oil bill. If any Westchester County resident is denied, please immediately ask for a fair hearing and refer to the cases that Phillippe Gille and Katherine Walushka have forced many of us to authorize for the people that we denied. These people need to go to jail!

  3. Welfare cheats come into the United States of America and own property in their native country and continue to purchase property in their country. The employer misclassifies the employee and reports the bare minimum to social security to avoid compliance with Unemployment Insurance, Workers' Compensation, Social Security (FICA), Tax with holding, Temporary Disability, Medicare, Minimum wage and overtime that protects workers. Although advantageous to employers who misclassify, employee misclassification is disadvantageous to honest employers, the misclassified employee, and the citizens of the State of NY suffer. When you pay workers portions off the books, it is fraud. This highfalutin politician and husband avoided paying the proper payroll tax, gross payroll... the employee cooperated with the misclassification, and received additional cash payments that was not reported as part of payroll in order to become a public charge. This employer sees their former employee as a family member and maintains several lucrative private accounts and retirement account for the former employee. The retirement account fully supports the former employee but none was declared to any government agency. The employee continues to work for others off the books while collecting social security benefits. There is proof just like the proof of the 40 quarters that shows under reported gross wages. Bring in the illegals, stomp on the laws of the United States of America, and take advantage...Teflon couple?

  4. Many of Phil Gille's abused boys are on the DSS payroll, and he continues to hire more. He has bought and continues to buy their silence. He is one broke ass pedophile. The young boys Deputy Commissioner Phil Gille sexually abused when he was a DSS case worker have not been silent. Stay tuned!


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