Friday, August 30, 2013


An incompetent group of racist individuals running candidates for public office have resorted to the racist tactics of the segregated south and have joined forces with another known racist; corrupt Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore.

New York State election law affords every person registered to vote the opportunity to challenge nominating petition if they feel that there is something there worth challenging.  Challenging petitions is normal and part of the process; however New York State election law is specific on how to bring about these challenges. 
Concerned Property Owners led by John Gallagher filed challenges against all of their challengers for the upcoming Democratic Primary on September 10, 2013.  Seeing that the petitions filed by the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee numbered in excess of 3,500 signatures, this cowardly group of racists, felt it would be easier to pick on and knock Damon K. Jones off the ballot. 

Concerned Property Owners’ incompetence then began to show that the candidates they are running are not fit for public office.  They erred in their filing of objections against Damon K. Jones and did not serve Damon and the Board of Elections properly.

These racists then turned to the ultimate racist, Janet DiFiore for help.  John Gallagher and City Council candidate Maria Caraballo then filed a false report with Janet’s office and said that there was a conspiracy within the Westchester County Board of Elections. 

Janet then dispatched a pack of her lapdogs to harass, intimidate, and suppress Mount Vernon voters.  These investigators are Edward Salinas and Investigator Hatch.  Both of these individuals have been caught on tape harassing voters and telling them they are under criminal investigation for carrying petitions. Damon Jones has been an outspoken critic of Janet DiFiore and has time and time again called for her resignation over how she handles blacks gunned down by her rogue white racist police officers. 

Janet DiFiore is using her office as a bully pulpit in an attempt to scare voters from not going to the polls on September 10, 2013.

Maria Caraballo is unfit for public office.  She is a racist that and doesn’t care about the South Side residents in Mount Vernon.  Maria even went as far to say that “dogs” should be brought into the public schools to deal with unruly youth.

Just the other night at the city council debate, when Maria was asked about her plans for develop for the Third Street corridor; Maria responded “I don’t see any issue wrong with Third Street”. 

Maria and her team of racist thugs must be stopped before they enact the racist agenda on the residents of Mount Vernon.  

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