Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Mount Vernon Exposed has concluded that the investigation currently under way by rogue investigators from Westchester District Attorney Janet Difiore’s office was bogus in nature and just another example of prosecutorial misconduct.  

The trumped up complaint was brought by two individuals many Mount Vernon residents feel are racist and divisive; John Gallagher and Maria Caraballo.

When the incompetent group of individuals aka Concerned Property Owners had their objections denied by the Board of Elections because they failed to adhere to the procedures set forth in the NYS election law, they then turned to the ultimate racist and political hack, Janet DiFiore.

Janet’s lapdogs have been trying to suppress votes in Mount Vernon by intimidating voters that signed Jones’ nominating petitions.  Disgraced city council candidate Maria Caraballo made accusations that a person named Elmo that signed Jones’ petitions was a fake and that this was an act of fraud.  Maria Caraballo even went so far as to put this statement in writing on her facebook page.  Maria Caraballo is the operator of a facebook page called “Honest Mount Vernon City Council”.  There is just one thing; Maria is not honest.

Mount Vernon Exposed investigated these allegations and reached out to Mr. Jones regarding these allegations of fraud to determine if there was any substance to Janet DiFiore's investigation.  Jones insisted that no wrongdoing was intentionally done and no fraud was committed during the signature gathering process.  When asked about Elmo, Jones replied “Elmo is a real person with a real address”.

Mount Vernon Exposed was provided with the nominating petition with Elmo’s signature on it, his picture, links to his facebook page, and a video of Elmo himself stating that he did in fact sign Jones’ petition.  Based on the evidence provided to Mount Vernon Exposed, Elmo is indeed a real person.

So where do we go from here? Will Janet call off her dogs or will she continue to waste taxpayer funds?  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that over $50K of taxpayer resources in addition to overtime were used in the investigation of Jones’ petitions.  

Bring your attention to Line #6

Elmo Wesley III

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