Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Convicted Sex Offender and Murder Suspect
Kamau Kiarie

Kamau Kiarie, who was charged last week with 2nd degree murder for gunning down his target in broad daylight on Sheridan Avenue, was a convicted sex offender, a fact verified by city hall officials and top brass at the Mount Vernon Police Department. In fact, Kiare had a warrant out for his arrest at the time he was arrested for 2nd degree murder because he failed to register his address, which is required, by law for level 2 and level 3 sex offenders. 

City officials neglected to inform the public that Kiarie was illegally driving a taxi for Reliable Taxi and later New Line Taxi.  Kiarie did not have a hack license, which is required by law in The City of Mount Vernon, if one wishes to drive a taxi and receive compensation from customers. 

The issue of Reliable and New Line Taxi letting unlicensed and unauthorized drivers operate their taxi is nothing new.   The owners of these two companies have let their greed get in the way of providing safe and clean transportation to the public.  On any given day, half of the drivers for these fleets drive without the required hack licenses.  Is money being passed under the table to city officials so that the Mount Vernon Police Department will look the other way and not enforce city law? Kiare would have been denied a hack license by City officials because of his criminal record.  So why did the owners of these two companies feel the need to let this sex-crazed lunatic get behind the wheel of their taxi?  Was Kiare covered under either company’s insurance policy?

Can you imagine this pervert picking up young girls from school or even transporting helpless woman throughout the night? 

The Mount Vernon Police Department must step up enforcement of taxi drivers to ensure that all drivers operating taxis in the City of Mount Vernon are properly licensed.  Sources have also informed Mount Vernon Exposed that several drivers from both companies are using the taxicabs as a front while they conduct a door-to-door delivery service of narcotics. 

Mayor Ernie must do a better job governing the taxi business.  While there is a strong push for a medallion system in the City of Mount Vernon, the entire image of the taxi industry in Mount Vernon must be reformed and brought up to the standards of the neighboring communities in Mount Vernon. 

Mount Vernon residents should not expect much if any support from the Mount Vernon Police Department.  After all this is the same police department that has over 50 unsolved homicides in recent years.

…to be continued. 

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