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On Monday, April 14, 2014 a School Board forum was held at the Vernon Heights Congressional Church located at Columbus and Beekman Avenues.  The poorly advertised, political insider forum was also poorly attended.  In a city with over 35,000 voters, barely 100 voters or citizens were in attendance.

The forum was organized by The Mount Vernon Board Action Committee, Inc., a fly by night 501(c) (4) club that is comprised of the same individual’s that have left the Mount Vernon School district in shambles.  The group was started and organized by sitting school board Trustee Elias Gootzeit, a blatant conflict of interest.  Gootzeit’s other questionable organization; “Neighbor’s That Care” was also listed as an organizer of the school board forum.  How is that for ethics?  Why is a sitting school board trustee and a former school board trustee working so hard to get their slate of candidates elected?  What skeletons are in their closet? Do they have knowledge of any crimes that have may been committed and are they afraid of any secrets getting out?

The black clergy were also heavy in attendance.  The black clergy has backed candidates for the last 20 years that has been on the school board.  Delia Farquharson currently leads the Mount Vernon Board Action Committee, Inc. as she serves as its President.  It would be insanity on the part of all voters to back or support any candidate that is supported by this fly by night organization that has a history of back incompetent candidates.  The City of Mount Vernon cannot afford another hijacked school board election. 

What community involvement, if any, did the Mount Vernon Board Action Committee have prior to injecting itself into Mount Vernon School politics?  Can the Mount Vernon Board Action Campaign Committee, Inc. explain how they would improve the quality of life in Mount Vernon?  Voters must reject the Mount Vernon Board Action Campaign Committee and any candidate supported by this organization.  C.E.P.A.A. or the Coalition for the Empowerment for People of African Ancestry has resurrected itself through the Mount Vernon Board Campaign Action Committee. 

The Mount Vernon Board Action Campaign Committee gave the public a sneak preview of what to expect on May 20, 2014 when voters go to the polls to elect 3 School Board Trustee’s.  Voters can expect the polls to be ripe with fraud. 

At the end of the night at the forum an “election” was held in order for the Mount Vernon Board Action Campaign Committee to decide what candidates they are supporting for this years school board election. The election box was rigged with the Mount Vernon Board Action Campaign Committee’s candidates.  Now this organization wants the public to get behind a group candidate that 34,900 voters have yet to hear about.  How is that for transparency?   This is the exact reason that only 17% our 3rd grade kids in the district are not proficient in English, Language, and Arts, because of the shenanigans’ of the Mount Vernon Board Action Campaign Committee. 

However, voters can reverse this trend of our children failing by rejecting any and all candidates supported by the Mount Vernon Board Action Campaign Committee.

Voting for any individual associated with the Mount Vernon Board Campaign Action Committee, or C.E.P.A.A. will ensure that taxes will continue to rise and our elderly will continue to lose their homes due to negligent, abusive tax increases.  Brace yourself.

Voters must vote for candidates that are independent of the political machine and free from outside influence.  The ideal candidate for school only needs to answer to the taxpayer and to the children of Mount Vernon. 

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