Thursday, November 6, 2014


In just a few short hours, Ernie Davis and comrades will pull off the heist of the century via the LED lighting contract to replace 4,400 streetlights throughout the City of Mount Vernon. 

A complaint was filed with the U.S. Attorney regarding the Request for Proposal to replace all of the streetlights in the City of Mount Vernon.

Former DPW Commissioner Terrance Horton an Mayor Davis have teamed up and rigged the Request for Proposal so that it is awarded to Horton's sham vocational program or through another contractor of their choosing. 

The request for proposal was never advertised legally in the newspaper so companies outside the world of Ernie Davis would see it.  Federal investigators should invest in renting space in City Hall until Ernie Davis is sent to jail because Ernie and his minions are determined to loot Mount Vernon dry.

For starters, the Request for Proposal specifically states that no proposer may contact City personnel regarding the proposal.  Not only did Terrance Horton violate this provision of the RFP, Mr. Horton had a gala celebrating the awarding of the contract before the RFP period even concluded.  City Councilmembers Yuhanna Edwards, Marcus Griffith, and Roberta Apuzzo were also in attendance.

What is even more troubling is that Davis, Horton, and Griffith went to Korea to meet with a company that they promised business to regarding the street light conversion.  That smells fishy.  How can Mayor promise a company business and why would a company promise to invest millions opening up a LED factory in Mount Vernon if they weren't guaranteed the contract?  How can Mount Vernon officials mandate that a proposer purchase from a specific manufacturer?

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Horton and his attorneys personally drafted then RFP then handed it to the City for distribution to the public.  The RFP is tailored in such a way that only Horton's company or those picked by Davis would be awarded the contract.

The F.B.I. must put Ernie under the microscope like never before he bankrupts the City of Mount Vernon.  The F.B.I. should also look at all of the vendors who were emailed RFP and start looking into their relationships with criminal Mayor Davis and their business practices.  We can be certain that they will find something for sure. 

To be continued.............

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