Monday, November 24, 2014


The public drinking water supply in the City of Mount Vernon may be at risk because of convicted criminal Mayor Ernie Davis' greed and backdoor deal making.  If a terrorist wanted to tamper with and poison the drinking water supply in the area, the City of Mount Vernon would appeal immensely to someone looking to engage in nefarious behavior.  That is, because The City of Mount Vernon is a lawless society like the Wild West where pay to play politics is embraced and is part of the local culture.

It is well known that Mayor Ernie Davis is known to break laws and do as he pleases.  Just recently Mayor Davis plead guilty to (2) Federal tax evasion crimes, which shows Mayor Davis' complete disregard of the law. 

Westchester County and New York State law mandates that all new water service connections have a device installed called a backflow preventer or backflow prevention device.  A backflow preventer is a means or mechanism to prevent backflow. Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow of non-potable water or other substances through a cross-connection and into the piping of a public water system or consumer's potable water system.

Backflow into a public water system can pollute or contaminate the water in that system (i.e., backflow into a public water system can make the water in that system unusable or unsafe to drink), and each water supplier has a responsibility to provide water that is usable and safe to drink under all foreseeable circumstances. Furthermore, City of Mount Vernon residents generally have absolute faith that water delivered to them through the public water system is always safe to drink. For these reasons, The Mount Vernon Board of water supply must take reasonable precautions to protect the public water system against backflow. There are two types of backflow... backpressure backflow and backsiphonage.

Backpressure backflow is backflow caused by a downstream pressure that is greater than the upstream or supply pressure in a public water system or consumer's potable water system. Backpressure (i.e., downstream pressure that is greater than the potable water supply pressure) can result from an increase in downstream pressure, a reduction in the potable water supply pressure, or a combination of both. Increases in downstream pressure can be created by pumps, temperature increases in boilers, etc. Reductions in potable water supply pressure occur whenever the amount of water being used exceeds the amount of water being supplied, such as during water line flushing, fire fighting, or breaks in water mains.

Backsiphonage is backflow caused by a negative pressure (i.e., a vacuum ~ or partial vacuum) in a Public water system or consumer's potable water system. The effect is similar to drinking water through a straw. Backsiphonage can occur when there is a stoppage of water supply due to nearby fire fighting, a break in a water main, etc.

There are two businesses in the City of Mount Vernon that would appeal to a terrorist if one were looking to commit an act of terrorism against the people in the area.  Sue's Rendezvous located at 96 Gramatan Avenue and the Steam House restaurant located at 128 Gramatan Avenue.  Can you imagine the devastation that would occur if a terrorist poisoned and/or tampered with the local water supply?  Local reservoirs are heavily guarded against terrorist, which would make it virtually impossible to tamper with the water supply.  Sue's Rendezvous and the Steam House Restaurant are not guarded against tampering and/or poisoning the local water supply. 

Each and every week thousands of partygoers pack these two establishments that according to Westchester County law and health department requirements, should not be operating.  Even though it was mandated that these two businesses install the required backflow devices, Mayor Davis instructed his staff and his building commissioner to ignore the back flow requirements and let the businesses operate without hindrance and interference from city officials.   The same proprietor that owns Sue’s Rendezvous owns both properties.  Sources say that Mayor Davis and the proprietor of Sue's Rendezvous are friendly and is a major supporter and campaign donor of Mayor Davis. 

A complaint was filed with the City of Mount Vernon Department of Buldings, but Mayor Ernie Davis has instructed the building department staff not to take any enforcement action against his "friends".  

Please call the Westchester Department of Health immediately at (914) 813-5000 and file a complaint and 
demand that they enforce the law for Sue's Rendezvous.   Your health is at risk.   To be continued........

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