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When one thinks of the City of Mount Vernon an image of a desolate, lawless wasteland often comes to mind.  The government is corrupt as the day is long.  Politicians have embraced a culture of corruption.  Political prostitution is the major economic stimulus.  For Mayor Young and his unscrupulous cast of characters, sitting around watching Godfather movies and then acting out the scenes in real life is a favorite pastime.  

When it comes to politics in Mount Vernon only the most corrupt individuals are embraced and endorsed by the so-called machine, The Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee.  This year’s election will be no different.  The Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee has no platform.  The high taxes in Mount Vernon can be directly attributed the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee, for they are the ones that support such rogue candidates.  

Mayor Young and the leaders of the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee continue to preach a message of unity and togetherness.  How can there be unity when you have asswipes such as Ronald Detres and Kenneth Plummer leading the pack?  Ronald Detres divides the community with his conquer and divide Hitler mentality and Kenneth Plummer is a political whore who gets in bed with whomever has the power at the time.  

This year’s political climate is filled with many twists and turns.  The backstabbing and deal making has begun.  While all bets are on Mayor Young to lose his re-election, some of his closest allies are breaking away from his corrupt regime and are starting to form their own alliances.  

Councilman Steve Horton is up for re-election this year.  Councilman Horton is under federal investigation for violating the Hatch Act of 1939.  In fact, Councilman Horton has repeated violated federal law.  The federal investigation is ongoing with regards to Councilman Horton’s Hatch Act violation.

 Councilman Horton may also face criminal charges for mismanagement of funds of the New Rochelle Municipal Housing Authority where he serves as its Executive Director.  $1M cannot be accounted for that was doled out in no-bid contracts, quite possibly to political cronies.

So what is Councilman Horton to do?  Sources have confirmed with Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Councilman Horton is going to retire in just a few months.  Councilman Horton is backing Councilman Yuhanna Edwards for Mayor.  A deal has already been made that Councilman Horton will be the Chief of Staff if Councilman Yuhanna Edwards is elected Mayor of the City of Mount Vernon.  

The Horton family is no stranger to backstabbing and jumping off the ship when they see it sinking.  The Horton’s stabbed Mayor Ernie Davis in the back when they saw difficulty with him winning re-election.  Much of DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton’s success can be directly attributed to Mayor Davis.  The Horton family has no honor and no loyalty.  

Mayor Young only promised Terrence Horton the position of DPW Commissioner because he wanted to have an ally on the City Council.  Now it is 2011, and the Horton family tradition of backstabbing is again alive and well.  

On March 23, 2011, Mayor Young was out of town in Florida attending the annual Mount Vernon Day ceremonies.  Being the snake that he is, Commissioner Horton didn’t waste any time showing his true colors.  Commissioner Horton invited Councilman Yuhanna Edwards to the DPW Yard during morning roll call.  DPW workers told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Commissioner Horton was walking around introducing Councilman Edwards as the next Mayor of the City of Mount Vernon.  “I am wholeheartedly supporting Councilman Edwards for Mayor and it is in your best interest to do the same” said Horton according to the source.  

It will not be a simple task for Mayor Young to keep a handle on Commissioner Horton.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Mayor Young and Commissioner Horton are allegedly intimately involved with one another.  A lover’s quarrel could erupt at any given moment.  Disaster is eminent.

Mayor Young’s troubles don’t end there.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Mayor Young is being shot down left and right by community leaders whom he has asked for support.  So Mayor Young is left to resort to unscrupulous individuals for support.

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Mayor Young has hired Carol Morris, CEO and founder of the Mount Vernon Health Center as his campaign manager.  Ms. Morris was recently campaign manager for Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow during his re-election bid last year.  

Mount Vernon Exposed™® has recently learned that Carol Morris is under federal investigation for violating the Hatch Act 0f 1939.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that a complaint was filed against Carol Morris and others that are affiliated with Carol Morris for violating the Hatch Act of 1939.  

Certain private non-profits are covered under the federal Hatch Act statute, specifically non-profits that are head start programs, those that receive community service block grants, federal grants, and other federal funding.  The Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center and its subsidiaries receive substantial federal funding.  

Covered Hatch Act employees may not use official authority or influence to interfere with an election.  Carol Morris appeared on a mailer for Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow under her official title as the CEO of the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center, urging Mount Vernon voters to re-elect Assemblyman Pretlow to another term.  Kenneth Plummer, of Kensworth Consulting was paid thousands of dollars by Assemblyman Pretlow to design, print, and mail the flyer that appeared the day before the Democratic primary.  

Ms. Morris’ troubles do not end there.  She also stands accused of soliciting the uncompensated volunteer services of her subordinates at the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center.  She is also accused of the same hanky panky at her satellite site in Yonkers and Greenburgh.  Such actions committed by Carol Morris are in direct violation of federal law.  Her illegal actions could result in federal funding being yanked away from the struggling heath center.  Ms. Morris’ irresponsible behavior could lead to taxpayers bailing out the health center if they lose federal funding.

According to sources, Ms. Morris has getting away with these illegal acts for years.  She has reportedly threatened her subordinates with demotions and job terminations if they didn’t work on political campaigns.  Victory for the candidates supported by Carol Morris means more money for her health center which ultimately means more money in her pocket.  This year will be no different.  

If you are a worker at the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Health Center and you are a victim of Carol Morris, Mount Vernon Exposed™® wants to speak with you.  All information will be kept confidential.  E-mail us:

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