Thursday, September 15, 2011


Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that serious voter fraud was committed on behalf on a specific candidate running for Mayoral office in Mount Vernon.  Mount Vernon Exposed was also told that the United States Department of Justice and the F.B.I. was notified of the alleged crimes committed against the citizens of Mount Vernon.

According to a voter, Mount Vernon Exposed was told that the alleged voter crimes were committed on the Southside of Mount Vernon, specifically buildings where voter machines were placed where voters live in that specific building.  According to an undercover worker posing as a worker for the Mayoral candidate that was involved in the voting scam, workers were told that this specific voter candidate must win “by any means necessary”.  Workers were told to say that they were volunteers if they were asked if they were paid for their services because the specific Mayoral candidate was showing a negative balance in their campaign account with the Board of Elections.

“I want everyone in the City of Mount Vernon to know that the 2011 Mayoral elections were rigged” said the campaign worker.   “If you check the voter machines in the projects and the building across from Pathmark, you will see what the deal is” said the campaign worker.  “I’m not going to be nobody’s bitch in jail” continued the campaign worker when approached by the staff of Mount Vernon Exposed.  

Based on the foregoing, Mount Vernon voters deserve to know the truth about the 2011 Mayoral election.  No Mayoral candidate should concede until every vote, signature, and voter is subpoenaed and interviewed.  “We think we are on to something here” said one voter.  If need be, I will spend any amount deemed necessary to get to the truth. The truth needs no defense”. 

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  1. Where's the citizen outrage on this voter fraud. These political MAFIA thugs continue mocking the hard working citizens of Westchester everyday.

    Lets rally and protest with the media present. We must name, names of these cronies and put them in jail where they belong.


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