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Pastor Richardson
It is common knowledge that Mayor Young has knowingly and willingly pillaged the city coffers.  Mayor Young seeks to continue his criminal enterprise by receiving an illegal endorsement from many black pastors in Mount Vernon on Monday September 5, 2011 at the scene of Mayor Young’s criminal activity, City Hall.  Such an endorsement is in violation of the law.  Unless an organization such as the black pastors have a special tax designation with the I.R.S, it cannot participate in political activity.  

Pastor Franklyn Richardson has been injecting himself into politics in Mount Vernon for over 20 years.  As a result of his deal making blacks are worse now than they were when he first entered politics.  Please don’t see this as a personal attack on Pastor Richardson or Grace Baptist church or any of the black pastors in Mount Vernon, but as an eye opener to the root cause analysis of the problems plaguing the city of Mount Vernon.
According to the Mount Vernon today facebook page, “MOUNT VERNON PASTORS TO ENDORSE MAYOR YOUNG - On Monday, Sept. 5th at 12noon Mayor Clinton I. Young will receive a major campaign endorsement from the faith-based community. On the steps of City Hall, a group of renowned religious leaders led by Grace Baptist Church Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson, and Pastor of the Greater Centennial AME Zion Church, Rev. Dr. W. Darin Moore and several others religious leaders will announce their support for Mayor Young in the Democratic Primary.”

Corrupt Mayor Clinton Young
Mount Vernon has a very diverse population with the majority of the population being African American.  Mount Vernon is four square miles.  There are over 450 churches with 87% of them being on the South Side of Mount Vernon.  With so many churches in the community a person visiting Mount Vernon for the first time would think that Mount Vernon is a very safe and holy city but that is not the case.  It is the exact opposite.  The City of Mount Vernon is a municipal mess of corruption.  There are murders and shootings every other day.  There was just a murder the other day on Saturday morning.  The Journal News reported it as a stabbing, but according to a homeowner that lives on the street where the murdered occurred,  Mount Vernon Exposed was told that man had his throat cut and his hands cut off.  

In times of crisis people turn to their government leaders and pastors for direction.  If those two institutions are corrupt, how do think that will affect the community?  The community would become lawless and broken.  Pastor Richardson has no right to support any candidate in Mount Vernon.  He does not live or vote in Mount Vernon.  His followers mainly come from out of town.   His church is simply a business taken off of the tax rolls that adds no significant value to the black community.  In fact, his institution and its policies have destroyed the quality of life in the black community in Mount Vernon.    When Pastor Richardson starts building tax paying projects and moves to and votes in Mount Vernon, then he can have a voice in government.  How many black people have you seen working on any project sponsored and/or built by Pastor Richardson and/or Grace Baptist Church?

In the end, Pastor Richardson and the endorsement of the black pastor’s won’t mean a thing.  People are far more intelligent and have come to the conclusion that they have been bamboozled and hoodwinked for years by the above mentioned institutions.  Mayor Clinton Young has been a failure of a mayor for the City of Mount Vernon.  He was not fit to lead and should have never been elected.  But that does not mean going back in time either.  We cannot change the past but only look forward to a new day.  

The black community in Mount Vernon must pay attention to nonprofit groups endorsing the Mayoral candidates.  Such organizations should have a registered Political Action Committee with the New York State Board of Elections unless they are registered with the I.R.S as a 501(c) 4 nonprofit.  The public has a right to know who is funding these black pastor’s agenda.  Failure to register gives an impression that the pastors are being paid or promised lucrative development deals by the candidates for their endorsement.  One must ask the question why are only the black pastors endorsing candidates?  No other faith based group has endorsed any candidate. 

It is fact that inference from the black pastor group has proved deadly for the black community.  Hundreds of young black men have murdered on the streets of Mount Vernon because of their actions, personal agendas, and political maneuvering.   For years the black pastors were telling the black community that the school board was no good and that the members were racist and failing our kids.  So a group got together led by Pastor Richardson and backed handpicked candidates that would further their agenda.  The black pastors were not interested in improving the schools but taking control of a budget, that at the time was $120 Million.  Today the budget is over $200 Million.  Where did the $80 Million go?  Today, the schools are no longer in the hands of the black pastors.  People have finally started to wake up.   

Children in the black community now have nowhere to go and now they roam the streets playing laser tag with one another, but the only thing is that they are playing with real guns with real bullets.  Voters, especially in the black community must question these black pastors and ask them what they stand to gain from endorsing Mayor Clinton Young.  Mayor Clinton Young has been caught red handed stealing from the taxpayers by participating in a bid rigging scandal.   Pastor Richardson is fully aware of Mayor Young’s criminal and corrupt deal making.  Why would any religious group support a candidate involved in such criminality?  The mind is left to imagine that the religious group is indeed corrupt themselves and up to no good.  
2 more individuals that have added no significant value to the Mount Vernon political system and have destroyed the black community are Ronald Deters, husband of Corporation Counsel Loretta Hottinger and Michael Justino, husband of former Councilwoman Eileen Justino.  These two individuals employ tactics used by Hitler and the KKK.  Just last year when Family Court Judge Bill Edwards was running for re-election these two individuals sent letters to all of the Democratic Committee Chairperson throughout the County with a copy of his wife’s blog saying not to vote to endorse him.  They are also the authors of various racist literature currently being distributed throughout the black community.  They also maintain and control a group that calls themselves Concerned Dems of Mount Vernon. 

These two individuals conspired with the Fleetwood Neighborhood Association and the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce to rig the recently held candidate’s debate with loaded questions.    Their plan backfired.  Their handpicked candidate, Mayor Clinton Young, was the only candidate booed by the crowd.  It was crystal clear that Mr. Detres and Mr. Justino never controlled any voting black in Fleetwood. 

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