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Corrupt Mayor Clinton Young
Mount Vernon Exposed yesterday released evidence implicating Mayor Young in a criminal bid rigging scandal involving former Commissioner of Buildings Ralph Tedesco and Water Commissioner Brian Bochow.  Mayor Young’s high handed criminal behavior doesn’t end there.  

It was standard operating procedure of the Young administration to funnel millions of taxpayer dollars to politically connected cronies.  Because of Mayor Young unwisely using taxpayer monies for his own selfish and personal gain, property values are down and violent crime including murders have reached historic levels in the City of Mount Vernon.  The City of Mount Vernon is just moments away from becoming like the City of Detroit, where one can roam and see skyscrapers abandoned and boarded up.  

Today, we will reveal another bid rigging scandal and expose more incompetence on the part of our elected officials.  The City Council is the eyes and ears of the people.  All ordinances, legislation, and permission to enter into contracts are approved or denied by the City Council. 
Another bid rigging scandal that we will bring to light involves replacing the dirt of the infields at Brush Park.  The bid was designed so that one company would benefit from the lucrative contract at Brush Park.  Here is how the caper went down…..

Corrupt DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton
On orders from Mayor Clinton Young, DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton and Assistant Corporation Counsel Joana Aggrey drafted up bid specifications that would only benefit the company that won the winning bid, Custom Clay, a company based in Syosset, Long Island.  Joana Aggrey is the wife of John Boykin, a candidate for City Council, and former assistant to Mayor Young.  Boykin was fired for threatening a critic of Young’s administration.  Mayor Young constantly states that he wants to promote Mount Vernon based businesses but he has failed to maintain his promises to the people of Mount Vernon.  

The bid specifications stated that all parties interested in bidding on the project had to buy the clay (infield dirt) from Custom Clay.  When the prospective bidders called Custom Clay for price quotes, they were all given a different price by Custom Clay.  This is evident in the final bids that were submitted to the City of Mount Vernon.  The highest bid was submitted by Paladino Concrete Solutions at $376,650.  Paladino Concrete Solutions is a Mount Vernon based company.  The second lowest bid came in at $235,325 and was submitted by Derosa Tennis Contracting, a Mamaroneck based business.  And finally the winning bid came in at $148, 400 and was submitted by Custom Clay, the company named in the bid specifications that all bidders had to get their supply from.  Conflict of interest?  Not in the mind of Mayor Young and his criminal syndicate.  

How is it that the winning bid was almost $100K lower that the second lowest bid?  Where was the oversight by the City Council, the governing body charged with the duty of vetting bids and contracts?  According to the New York State Board of Elections, Mayor Young received two campaign contributions from Custom Clay.  Friends of Mayor Young reported a campaign contribution of $1,300 on May 12, 2010 and another contribution of $1,000 on November 1, 2010.  Sounds like a kickback doesn’t it?

Not every elected official was asleep at the wheel.  The Comptroller’s office caught wind of this possible criminal activity and sent a letter to DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton letting him know that an audit was under way.  DPW Commissioner Terrence Horton simply ignored three letters sent to him by 1st Deputy Comptroller Thomas Rajala requesting documentation of Mayor Young and DPW Commissioner Horton’s alleged criminal activity.  At press time, the status of the audit could not be determined.    

Mount Vernon Exposed obtained these documents through the New York State Freedom of Information Law after an employee in the City of Mount Vernon alerted Mount Vernon Exposed to the Custom Clay scandal.  It is because of our very educated and vigilant readers that we are able to investigate these blatant acts of corruption.  We continue to thank you, our readers, who continue to let us know where the corruption and waste is.  Please print these documents out and bring with you the candidate’s forum being held at First United Methodist Church on Lincoln Avenue on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 6:30p.m.  Tell Mayor Young, Don’t Tread on Me!

Custom Clay Bid Rigging Scandal

Mayor Young Contributions Custom Clay

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