Sunday, October 23, 2011

Community Activist Samuel L. Rivers
On Wednesday, October 6, 2011 the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee held a meeting announcing that the Democrats were united and wholeheartedly supporting Ernest D. Davis for Mayor.  The rally was chaired and led my Westchester County Democratic Chairman and Election Commissioner Reggie Lafayette.   The meeting which had racist tone towards Republicans and Conservatives did not serve any legitimate purpose whatsoever.

Democratic district leader Samuel L. Rivers was the target of the meeting by Lafayette and others including former Mayor Ernest D. Davis.  At one point in the meeting, Davis even said that he was going to “muster all of the force he can to run Rivers out of town”  Rivers is a community activist known for challenging corruption head on against the crooked politicians. 

Former Mayor Ernest Davis
It has come to the attention of Mount Vernon Exposed that Rivers met with the former Mayor immediately following the meeting.  Mount Vernon Exposed also received a copy a letter dated October 12, 2011 that Rivers wrote to the former Mayor.  As of press time today, Rivers has informed Mount Vernon Exposed that the former Mayor did not respond to his letter.

 Open Letter to Former Mayor Ernest D. Davis

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