Thursday, October 20, 2011



The excitement is building.   FELLOW MOUNT VERNONITES DO NOT BE CONFUSED.  A Group of disruptive obstructionists led by Westchester County Democratic Chairman Reggie Lafayette,  former Mayor Ernie Davis, County Legislator Lyndon Williams, and City Council candidate Richard Thomas HIJACKED the event planned and organized by community activist and Democratic district leader Samuel L. Rivers and are starting to call it their own for POLITICAL GRANDSTANDING purposes.  

“Mount Vernonites must remain focused and not be misled by the 1%” said Rivers.  “This rally will shed light on the corruption, high taxes, unemployment, and failing schools that the 1% contributed to.  We will take back our government from the 1% on Saturday, October 22, 2011.

Rivers said that he will also address NEW EXPLOSIVE allegations that City Council candidate Richard Thomas mislead the public and committed widespread fraud regarding the misrepresentations he made to the public regarding the closing of the social security office.  “Richard Thomas is a con man and a fraud and he will be exposed at this rally along with the other 1% as their policies have made Mount Vernon the highest taxed city in America.”

The agenda for Saturday will start with a prayer to save Mount Vernon from the 1%.  We will also discuss election reform and election fraud, high property taxes, the sharp increase in crime, failing schools, economic development and job creation, and getting involved in politics to change your community.   
What:  Occupy Mount Vernon

When: Saturday, October 22, 2011

Where: The Public Square, (AKA Steps of City Hall)

Why: Because the 1% has made it impossible for the 99% to live in the City of Mount Vernon

Come and be heard…..The world will be watching us……..

This event was organized by community activist Samuel L. Rivers, Mount Vernon Democratic District Leaders, Mount Vernon Conservative District Leaders, Mount Vernon Republican District Leaders, The Black Political Caucus of Westchester, Inc., Citizens against Corruption, and The Dont' Tread on Me Foundation.

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