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Corrupt Administrative
Judge Alan D. Scheinkman

We would like to welcome our readers back to our new and improved site.  In keeping up with the changing times and the latest technology, we are pleased to inform our readers that we will be broadcasting our videos in full HD (High Definition, 1080P) and bringing you the highest quality photographs.  Therefore our new adopted name will be, Mount Vernon Exposed HD.

This year we will be taking a slightly different direction that we hope you will find educational, captivating, and exciting.   This year our main focus will be the judicial system, specifically, the 9th Judicial District, that has earned the reputation of being the most corrupt Judicial District in the country.  We hope our whistleblower series will lead to citizens making better, informed choices in the voting booth.

The judicial branch of government, especially the electoral process, is the branch of government that is ignored by much of the population.  Voters blindly elect judges that miraculously appear on the ballot through backroom deals.  The people are then manipulated into thinking that these judges subscribe to a Democratic or Republican set of values, when in fact the corruption that permeates the 9th judicial system crosses party lines. 

The New York State Unified Court system is divided into 13 judicial districts, with Westchester County falling in the 9th Judicial District.  The Administrative Judge of the 9th Judicial District is Alan D. Scheinkman an individual that is a known racist, corrupt, and is probably the most unscrupulous individual to ever hold judicial office in the State of New York.  The Hon. was intentionally left off in front of Alan Scheinkman’s name because he has no honor.  We will only use the term HON. when we feel it is appropriate and only reserved for those individuals that are truly Honorable Justices. 

Today, we begin the biography of Alan D. Scheinkman, a mini-series and 18 month investigation that will take you into the racist, corrupt, and subconscious mind of Alan.  Mount Vernon Exposed HD will take readers where no other journalist dare venture.  Mount Vernon Exposed HD is not politically aligned with any political party so therefore we can print truthful and accurate information.  Please also not that since the birth of Mount Vernon Exposed, there has not been one lawsuit against Mount Vernon Exposed for libel or slander. 

Who is Alan D. Scheinkman?
Alan is an unscrupulous individual that craves money and power and has probably broken every ethics law on the books today.  Our investigation has uncovered that Alan was involved in criminal cover ups, assisted by Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore, is routinely involved in fixing cases, blatantly discriminates against Judges of color, frequently travels to the Caribbean with other Judges while discussing open cases, and cheated on his wife while he was married.   

Alan was elected to the New York Supreme Court in 2006.  Prior to that Alan was the Westchester County Attorney, where sources close to Alan told Mount Vernon Exposed HD, that Alan had a mental breakdown while he was County Attorney.  A chemical imbalance in the brain of Alan could be the driving force behind the corruption in the 9th Judicial District.  Alan was also employed by the firm, DelBello, Donnellan, Weingarten, Tartaglia, Wise & Wiederkehr, LLP, a politically connected law firm that has long been dubbed the powerhouse of Westchester County.  

While at the law firm of DelBello, Donnellan, Weingarten, Tartaglia, Wise & Wiederkehr, LLP, Alan met Faith G. Miller, an attorney with whom Alan had a five year affair with while he was married.  According to sources close to Alan, it is alleged that Faith G. Miller and Alan would routinely stay late in the office long after other attorneys have gone for the day.  It would be then that Alan and Faith would allegedly engage in sexual activity on desks in the office.  It is alleged that cleaning personnel would routinely find semen and woman’s undergarments while cleaning the office. According to sources, Alan was let go from the firm because he was playing politics and wasn't focusing on his clients.

Alan's political aspirations paid off, as he know who rub shoulders with to put him in a position of power.  Now Alan is using taxpayer money to make good on his election promises that me made when he told his key people he would stack them throughout the 9th Judicial District. 

According to the website of DelBello, Donnellan, Weingarten, Tartaglia, Wise & Wiederkehr, LLP, Faith G. Miller is listed as an attorney specializing in Matrimony.  While this alleged affair occurred, Faith Miller was married to Larry Frankel, a multi-millionaire artist and photographer.   They resided at 10 Puritan Road, Rye, NY. 

Through the years, Faith Miller and Alan got very close.  Alan eventually left his wife, and Faith eventually divorced her husband.  Alan and Faith were recently married and now live together at 10 Puritan Road, a house valued at over $4 Million dollars.   Alan appears to be quite the playboy.  It is disturbing that a sitting judge would engage in adultery a forbidden practice according to biblical law.  Alan boasts and brags constantly about his Jewish heritage.    

It was told to Mount Vernon Exposed, the Alan and Faith Miller had a destination wedding and that the only person on color in attendance was Westchester County Democratic Chairman Reginald Lafayette and Judge Sam Walker.  It was reported that Justice Walker and Alan have travelled to Anguillah together.  Judge Walker’s wife is head of the tourism board for Anguillah.  We could not find out at press time if Alan paid for any of these trips or if he went free.  Alan has a history of being a leech and a parasite.  Several other judges who we will not name at this time were also present and the scene was described as worse that the scandal in Columbia involving members of President Obama’s security detail. 

When asked if the judges patronized prostitutes during the trip, we were told by a Judge familiar with the incident, “Those weren’t their wives they were with and I will leave it at that.”

Alan, mesmerized by having a younger blonde by his side, allegedly paid for Faith Miller to get breast implants.  Sources also said that recently at an event, Alan was seen with his hand up the crotch of Faith Miller. Yes, all of this was done in public.  Not caring about the appearance of impropriety, Alan hired the daughter of Faith Miller to a cushy high paying job in the same office where he is the boss.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed HD that the daughter of Faith Miller was let go by the Office of Court Administration after top officials learned about our corruption investigation.  It has also been reported that Alan also has a son and nephew of the payroll courtesy of Westchester County taxpayers. 

Mount Vernon Exposed HD has recently learned that a barrage of complaints was filed against Alan by members of the public and by other Judges for his unethical conduct.  Judges in the courthouse have long complained that it is a conflict of interest for Faith Miller to appear in any capacity in front of the Judges in the courthouse when her husband is there boss. 

It was reported to Mount Vernon Exposed HD, that Scheinkman was seeking to become the top judge in another judicial district because he wanted to continue his corruption.  An ambitious man, Alan had and still has dreams of becoming a Federal judge or the Presiding Judge of the 2nd Department Appellate Division.  It is again unclear that the future employers of Alan know about his mental breakdown or even if he is mentally fit to sit as a judge.  A complaint was recently filed with the Commission on Judicial Conduct because according to sources, Alan never disclosed his mental illness to the public or on employment documents.  It is clear that Alan appears to be mentally ill as a sane person does not exhibit such strange behavior. 

Judges in the 9th Judicial District are very afraid of Alan who is rumored to be a very vindictive and evil man.  “We are scared of Judge Scheinkman.  We know what we are doing is wrong in regards to Faith Miller.  It’s either we play ball or risk being moved to Orange or Dutchess County. “

As the Administrative Judge, Alan has the power to move justices as he sees fit throughout the 9th Judicial District.  The 9th Judicial District is made up of 5 counties, Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Dutchess, and Orange.  Just because a Judge is elected in Westchester does not necessarily mean you will sit on the bench in Westchester.    One may ask themself, how does Alan benefit by Faith Miller receiving a favorable decision from one of Alan’s subordinates?

According to sources, justices that have cases involving Faith Miller already went to and received their certification from the ALAN SCHOOL OF TRAINING FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF CORRUPTION IN THE 9TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT.  These justices have already been instructed that they are to prolong the cases for as long as humanly possible, therefore increasing Faith Miller’s billable hours to her client.   Income for Faith Miller is income for Alan Scheinkman. 

Alan corrupt acts may be directly attributed to his need to live a lifestyle of the rich and famous.  Alan constantly talks about his expensive sailboat and his frequent trips to exotic islands.  Just when does Alan find the time to run the courts if he is never there? This leads us into our next character that successfully completed course requirements at ALAN SCHOOL OF TRAINING FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF CORRUPTION IN THE 9TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT, Nancy Mangold. 

To be continued……….



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  3. Who is doing the "criminal probe?" Please email the information - thank you! I am working on getting much of the corruption uncovered - at least trying to!

  4. OMG... There are many victims to this Shainkman/Miller
    Scene...Children being taken away from Mothers because the Men have money! Real cases...We must expose this. We must give the children back to their mothers

  5. Alan has completely abused his power and he has gone as far as taking bribes from wealthy men to take children away from their mothers, claiming they are not fit parents...I am forming a group of these women so we can present this to everyone and anyone that will listen. We will pursue this until we get justice. Please, if you are someone who has been impacted by this corruption, provide some contact information

  6. I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog. Its quite hilarious. Its creator is a delusional moron. Anyone who reads this blog and actually believes the accusations accused herein is even more foolish.

    Lets get some basic facts correct so that one can clearly see that if these allegations are wrong, so must be every other item stated on this website.

    Alan has 2 nephews, of which I am one. I am aged 30 and live in Los Angeles, Alan's other nephew is 19 and a college student. So, if one of Alan's nephews is on the payroll of Westchester County, it must be me....and I'm still awaiting my check at my office in LA.

    Secondly, Alan has 2 brothers, both of whom also reside in Southern California. They, too, are waiting for their paychecks from the county. One of them is a partner at a law firm, and the other is a CEO, so they can both truly use their big county paychecks as secured for them by Alan. They are both waiting by their mailboxes for these checks to come in. I know...I wait next to them for mine...

    Lastly, Alan's "destination" wedding was quite charming. Except, the destination was not Anguilla, rather, it was the backyard of the house pictured above, which is owned by Alan's wife. How do I know this? Well, I'm Alan's nephew, so I was there. Also, there were a number of guests "of color," for the record. The couple were married in front of family only, about 15 people, in their living room, followed by a reception for about 50 guests in the backyard. The mini quiches were really fantastic!

    So, quite frankly, I'm really writing on here for my own amusement, since anyone with half a mind knows that the author of this blog is off his rocker. However, I can personally attest to the complete inaccuracy of multiple statements on this blog. As such, the others, I'm 100% sure, are completely false.


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