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We would like to welcome our readers back to part 2 of our series on Alan.  Alan has no respect for taxpayers.  Alan could care less if you were able to put food on your table or if you had a roof over your head.  Alan doesn’t understand because Alan is not like us, the 99%.  Alan is part of an elitist group of folks whose only mission is to further the corruption, fraud, and abuse in the New York State Unified Court System. 

As reported earlier, Alan was and still is a very lazy man.  Lazy people who are in power are afforded the luxury of using our tax dollars to finance their lavish lifestyles.  The Alan being referred to is Alan Scheinkman, Administrative Judge for the 9th judicial district, long said to be the most corrupt judicial district in the State of New York. 

While families were starving and getting kicked out of their homes via foreclosure (cases that pass through Scheinkman’s court), Alan went on a multi-million dollar taxpayer funded shopping spree.  Alan decided to hire all of his friends and build a system that would allow him to spend more time on the golf course and on his sailboat.

Alan hired Nancy Mangold who is currently making $144,574 per year and her title as listed on the New York State Unified Court Website is “District Executive”.  Just what exactly is a “District Executive”?   

According to SeeThroughNY, Mangold’s job is listed as “Ast Dep Chf Admn” This does not look anything like the title given to her by Alan.  Alan changed Mangold’s job description because the position as listed on SeeThroughNY, is a civil service position. What does that exactly mean? According to NYS Civil Service law, Nancy Mangold’s should have taken a competitive examination that was advertised to the public. 

Mount Vernon Exposed was told by a source that Hon. A. Gail Prudenti’s office is directly handling matters pertaining to an investigation in the 9th Judicial District. Hon. A. Gail Prudenti is the Chief Administrative Judge for New York State and is responsible for running the New York State Unified Court System. 

The issue of Alan’s mental fitness again comes into play.  It was earlier reported that Alan had a mental breakdown while he was Westchester County Attorney.  Is Alan mentally fit to be on the bench?  We must not take lightly that Alan may have a mental illness.  The thoughts that go on in Alan’s head affects well over a million people in the counties of Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, and Orange counties.  Would a truly sane person behave as Alan has publicly displayed? In our previous issue we broke the exclusive news that Alan put his hand up his wife Faith Miller’s crotch in pubic while in the presence of other sitting Supreme Court and County Court Judges. 

While unconfirmed until Freedom of Information Requests are fulfilled, it has been said that Nancy Mangold went from a grade 12 to a grade 29 overnight and received a raise of tens of thousands of dollars as part of this multi-million taxpayer funded shopping spree.  Nancy Mangold hired her son who also went up the ranks pretty quickly.  J Marshall Mangold in 2008,  was a Sr Court Office Keyboard making $33,079.  Today,  J Marshall Mangold is a court attorney making $64, 834.  It would not be complete without Jennifer Jaffe, Nancy Mangold’s daughter in-law who is Alan’s principal secretary.  Does this reek of corruption and nepotism?

By keeping a close knit family, the corruption is able to continue.  Alan is not really running the courts because he is never there.  Jennifer Jaffe covers for Alan by deflecting calls of extreme importance to her mother in law who then deals with the situation.  All legal work is done by James Garfein, Alan’s top tiger in the office.  It was told to Mount Vernon Exposed that a majority of the judges in the 9th Judicial District are not happy because they are forced to deal with Nancy Mangold who is in her position illegally because a test was never called for. Nancy Mangold was only legally allowed to serve in her position for 9 months without taking a test.  It was reported that several court employees in Alan’s building are not happy with Nancy Mangold who is often referred to as the “Black Widow”. 

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Jennifer S Jaffe and Nancy Mangold’s son are married.  Is this a conflict of interest? Jennifer S. Jaffe makes $59, 183 per year.   Nancy Mangold also has quite an ambitious agenda.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Nancy Mangold wants her son to become a Judge and take Alan’s position as Administrative Judge for the 9th Judicial District. 

We encourage you to look at the video attached to this article and to follow our video series of “Judicial Review”.    To be continued>>>>>

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