Friday, August 10, 2012


Good Day to our loyal readers of Mount Vernon Exposed.  We have not given up on reporting corruption nor have we let Administrative Judge Alan Scheinkman off our radar.  In fact, Mount Vernon Exposed has turned up the investigation full speed into Alan and we will reveal a shocking bombshell in the next weeks. 

Our focus for the moment is the corrupt and racist District Attorney Janet DiFiore who has been the focus of media outlets nationwide for hiring an illegal immigrant and paying her wages similar to a prisoner in jail.  Janet has also defrauded the I.R.S. by not paying the proper taxes for her “Live in Slave”. 

Media Outlets have missed one key point in all of this; how does a person on welfare afford the best criminal defense attorney in Westchester County?  Is this attorney working pro-bono?  The public needs to know.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Janet and her husband Dennis Glazer have paid $200,000 cash to the attorney representing Marina Buchanan.  They paid this huge sum to the attorney because they have something to hide and Marina Buchanan can sink their ship at any given moment.  It is of utmost importance for Marina Buchanan to keep her mouth shut. 

Over the past few days we have read in the Journal News that the investigation into Janet DiFiore has been called off by 1st Deputy Commissioner Philippe Gille.  Many people wonder why.  Mount Vernon Exposed then became inundated with emails and phone calls from people providing tips and insight into the DiFiore investigation. 

Sources have confirmed that Philippe Gille quickly pushed the DiFiore investigation under the rug because he was paid a visit by Janet DiFiore’s rogue investigators also known as “The Hit Squad”.  This elite unit of investigators is responsible for planting evidence at crime scenes to frame enemies and threats to the District Attorney’s office.  They are also responsible for gathering intelligence on the political foes of Janet DiFiore.  Just this week, it was reported to Mount Vernon Exposed that the “Hit Squad” has broken into 4 homes of employees, family, and friends of those close to those responsible for investigating Janet DiFiore and her nanny.  In all four burglaries, there was no forced entry and only the computers in the home were stolen.  No fingerprints were found at the scene. 

Now we fast forward to Philippe Gille, Westchester’s own Jerry Sandusky.  It has been confirmed that Gille, a Republican operative, has been busy operating on the hiney’s of young boys just like his hero and mentor Jerry Sandusky.  According to sources, Gille is a known pedophile and has shown his employees and co-workers pictures of little boys dressed in bondage outfits that he had in his phone.  Mount Vernon Exposed has learned the identity of these victims but it is the policy of Mount Vernon Exposed not to release the names of victims of sexual crimes. 
             Gilles latest brush with pedophilia was very recently when he hired a young man that he was allegedly having sexual relations with since the young boy was 14.  The victim is now 21 years old.  Gille’s conduct came to a head recently when the young man was arrested for beating up his girlfriend and threatened to go public about his sexual encounters with Gille if he didn’t help him out.  Sources have confirmed that Gille was at court front and center for each and every one of the young man’s court appearances insuring that the young man kept his mouth shut.  Just like his mentor Sandusky, Gille allegedly would buy the young buy lavish gifts and take him on expensive trips to buy his silence. 

              The young man was since fired from the Department of Social Services because he was arrested during his probationary period. 

             Sources have also told Mount Vernon Exposed that Gille was questioned in the 1999 murder investigation of a 12 year Yonkers boy that was sexually abused. Roberta De Rosario was charged with the murder of the 12 year boy and when investigators seized Mr. De Rosario’s computer they found evidence of an underground ring of Sandusky’s abusing little boys.  According to sources, Gille name was part of this ring.  Sources said Gille wasn’t charged because of his connections to Jeannine Pirro who at that time was the District Attorney and a fellow Republican.

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