Monday, August 20, 2012



Westchester District Attorney’s Janet DiFiore office continues to be embroiled in one scandal after the other.  While the crooked and crime ridden DA’s office continues to blame “political operatives” for the black eye currently on the DA’s office, the public and media can see straight through Janet DiFiore and her henchmen.  The time has come for Janet DiFiore and her Chief Investigator Terrence Raynor to resign from office and turn themselves into authorities for prosecution. 

Just last week it was revealed in a lawsuit that Raynor has illegally scammed the taxpayers of Mount Vernon and Peekskill by getting S.T.A.R. exemptions that he was not entitled to.  The theft amounts to over $27,000.  Just today, the Journal News has reported that Raynor purchased a house in Mount Vernon in 2002 while he was the police chief that already had the Senior S.T.A.R. exemption in place.  He scammed taxpayers out of an additional $13,500 by not notifying Mount Vernon City Officials that he was not entitled to the Senior S.T.A.R. exemption. 

At this point Raynor should utilize the Miranda warning that his team of crooked investigators recites to suspects before interrogation. 
§  You have the right to remain silent.

§  Anything you say or do can and will be held against you in a court of law.
§  You have the right to an attorney.
§  If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.
§  Do you understand these rights I have just read to you?

Raynor’s response to the Journal News reporter when asked about his “triple dipping” of S.T.A.R. benefits was incriminating to say the least.  “Certainly, I don’t think I’m at fault if someone else didn’t do their homework,” he said.  The comment made by Raynor displays complete arrogance and is a reflection of the culture of corruption co-signed by his boss, Janet DiFiore. 

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Janet DiFiore was well aware of Raynor’s criminal conduct before she hired him.  After all, Janet was seeking the best and brightest criminals to work in her office as investigators. 

Taxpayers can be assured that Raynor will almost certainly be ordered to repay the $40,000 plus legal costs for his blatant and outright theft of taxpayer dollars. 

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