Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Terrence Raynor, 2nd from Left

Janet DiFiore the District Attorney of the County of Westchester continues to play politics with the voters of Westchester County.  She refuses to take interviews on camera regarding the Nanny Gate scandal and only releases statements on paper to the media. 

Today news has broken that Janet DiFiore’s Chief of Investigations Terrance Raynor has also been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and just like just like his boss, took steps to try to cover up this criminal activity.  Mount Vernon Exposed has also learned that Raynor was also in involved in what has become known nationwide as “Nanny Gate”. 

We will now break down Raynor’s involvement in “Nanny Gate”.  According to a confidential source in the Westchester District Attorney’s office and the Department of Social Services, Raynor was fully aware the DiFiore’s nanny had been rejected in the past for Medicare.  Janet would become frustrated and make comments in the office about her nanny’s declining health and how it was costing her so much money. Janet became increasingly frustrated when The Department of Social Services rejected Marina Buchannan for welfare benefits. 

Raynor then approached Janet DiFiore and offered his help.  Raynor informed DiFiore that his wife worked in the Department of Social Services and could get her nanny approved for welfare benefits.  Terrence Raynor is married to Valerie Raynor aka Valerie Woodbine.  Valerie Woodbine is the sister is Shoshanna Woodbine.  Shoshanna Woodbine is married to Nashon Halevi.  Nashon Halevi is the brother of Naomi Halevi and the son of Serepher Halevi.  Naomi Halevi was recently convicted of defrauding the Federal government’s Section 8 program by receiving section 8 while owning a house located at 10 California Road.  The house at 10 California Road is valued at over $800,000. 

Valerie Raynor then went to her boss at the time, Diane Atkins and informed her of Janet’s nanny situation brought to her attention by her husband Terrance.  Atkins then opened a case in the Central office where she was 1st Deputy Commissioner. Janet’s nanny previously was denied welfare in the Yonkers district office just a few short blocks from where she resided.  Atkins got the job done and earned herself a permanent get out of jail free card from Janet DiFiore.  For the reasons stated herein, Janet has refused to investigate any allegations of corruption within the Department of Social Services.  Instead she has sent her “Hit Squad” to destroy any evidence that threatens to bring down her “Power Circle”. 

According to sources, Valerie Raynor was the one who typed the “trumped up” letter to DiFiore’s office about fraud investigator Dhyalma Vazquez.  When DiFiore’s office came to investigate Valerie illegally turned over Vazquez' personnel file.  Philippe Gille, currently the 1st Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Social Services, was recently caught on tape discussing DiFiore’s underhanded behavior regarding DiFiore’s criminal cover up. 

According to an investigator in DiFiore’s office, Terrence was promised that he will be made the Westchester County Police Commissioner in 2014 if Tim Idoni or Ken Jenkins is elected County Executive.  According to the Investigator, Janet said “In this business, it is very important that you never forgot who your friends are”. 

Terrence Raynor was eager to depart Janet’s office for some time now and has been seeking other law enforcement positions outside New York State, specifically down south. Just recently, he was spotted meeting with Mount Vernon Mayor Ernest Davis about becoming Mount Vernon’s top cop.
Terrence has brought disgrace to his badge and should be thoroughly investigated for his role in “Nanny Gate”.  As the Chief of Investigations for DiFiore every investigation by that office headed by him and his rogue unit of investigstors should be re-opened and investigated by outside agencies. Raynor and DiFiore have left a black eye on the District Attorney’s office that will take decades to wipe away. 

However there is light at the end of the tunnel for Terrence, he can avoid prosecution by turning State’s evidence against his boss Janet DiFiore and hopefully get no prison sentence for the crimes he committed.  To be continued>>>>>

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