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While residents of the City of Mount Vernon continue to do more with less while property taxes are skyrocketing, there is an element in the Mount Vernon School district that wants things to remain the same so that there pockets stay fat while the masses suffer

Last year the school board thought they were moving in the right direction when they appointed Judith Johnson as the superintendent of Mount Vernon schools.  It turns out that the appointment of Judith Johnson was the worse thing for Mount Vernon schools and Mount Vernon taxpayers. 

According to sources, Judith Johnson has made an unholy alliance with several black churches in exchange for community support to get her puppets hired.   In return Johnson will continue to increase the budget and place unqualified cronies in patronage job positions.

In order to enact this bold and brazen scheme, it would require the cooperation of a few henchmen.  These henchmen are Timothy Costello, Business Administrator, and Len “Lenny” Sarver, a failed businessman and also a School Board Trustee. 

The majorities of the school board trustees are good people and have the best interest of the taxpayers at heart, except for one bad apple, Lenny Sarver.  He is an agent against change and tries to line his greasy pockets every opportunity he gets. 

The unscrupulous and criminal behavior of the “3 Musketeers” began this past June when this trio conspired to bring back John Zambelli, a maintenance foreman who retired on June 30th, 2013. 

On September 16, 2013 at the direction of Lenny Sarver and Judith Johnson, Zambelli illegally returned back to work, except it wasn’t as a maintenance foreman, it was for a fluffed up, high paying $75,000 per year consulting position.  Zambelli is rumored to be the bagman for Lenny Sarver, a Licensed Electrician that desperately wants a piece of the pie.

Sarver is the Chairman of  the Buildings and Grounds committee and is responsible for and has a big part in selecting the contractors that do work for the Mount Vernon City School District.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Lenny takes a cut “off the top” from every contractor that does work in the Mount Vernon School district. 

John Zambelli, a close friend of Sarver’s is a failure that should have never been in the position he was in to begin with.    Under Zambeli’s direction, Mount Vernon schools have deteriorated and the department is in total disarray.  Zambelli has used the employment positions in the Buildings and Grounds department over the years as political payback and it is quite evident that Judith Johnson is following in his footsteps and wants a piece of the pie to ride into the sunset with before her contract ends. 

Sources have also informed Mount Vernon Exposed that the “trio” even attempted to bring back a company called Aramark, a company that looted tens of millions of dollars over the years from Mount Vernon taxpayers.  Aramark provides the food services amongst other things to the Mount Vernon City School district. Johnson, Costello, and Sarver would benefit directly from bringing Aramark back to Mount Vernon Schools. 

But this ambitious get rich scheme by the “trio” has been met with stern resistance from Mount Vernon residents and even former school board trustees. 

Last week during the public school board meeting, former school board trustee Marc Stuckey, came to the meeting equipped with a glass cookie jar when he addressed and called out Trustee Sarver on his blatant acts of fraud, waste, and abuse.

Trustee Stuckey alleged that Sarver’s hand was in the cookie jar and that Sarver was in bed with Zambelli and Johnson allegedly receiving kickbacks, vacations, and other perks from vendors doing business with the Mount Vernon City School district. 

Sarver appeared nervous and turned fire engine red when Stuckey called him out on the allegations of bribery and extortion.  Also attending the meeting were about a dozen or so buildings and grounds employees who were there unified in opposition to Zambelli’s return.  Sources have also told Mount Vernon Exposed that Zambelli used to steal tens of thousands of dollars of equipment and sell them on the black market.  It is also alleged that Zambelli used to order tools and give them to Sarver to use in his electrician business.

To be continued……..

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