Monday, October 21, 2013



Mount Vernon Exposed would like to inform the public that an investigation is currently under way into the judicial appointment of Mount Vernon City Associate Adam Seiden.  Thousands of cases presided on by Seiden through the years may be vacated and adjudicated.

According to the Mount Vernon City Charter, the term for Associate Judge is two years. It is unclear and could not be determined under what law or authority did city officials use to appointment the disgraced Associate Judge .  Were city officials that negligent that they didn’t bother to read the charter or was the appointment of Judge Seiden part of a larger conspiracy to gentrify the City of Mount Vernon? 

Mayor Ernie Davis appointed Judge Seiden to the bench in 1995.  Many say that this appointment was political in nature and payback for services Seiden provided during his tenure as a Mount Vernon School Board Trustee.  We will explore the facts surrounding Seiden’s judicial appointment at a later time.  

The ethically challenged Seiden was caught on tape calling people living on the South of Mount Vernon “animals”.  Very soon these “animals” will have their sentences vacated and will hopefully get the chance to have a new case heard before a Judge legally authorized to hear the case.

It is unclear why City officials chose to ignore the City Charter, which clearly would take precedence over any State law as the local city law is more restrictive than the State law. 

Community activist Samuel L. Rivers has asked the City of Mount Vernon Corporation Counsel for an opinion.  “City officials must adhere and follow the charter.  Judge Seiden must be immediately removed from the bench or documentation must be provided to the public of a referendum passed by voters authorizing the increase of the Associate Judge term from 2 years to 6 years”, said Rivers.  

Mayor Ernest Davis just recently appointed Seiden to another term in office that began on January 1, 2013 and runs untilDecember 31, 2018.

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