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Pass the budget for the children, was the rallying cry of Judith Johnson and her cronies during the 2013 revote of the budget. There is just one problem; the Mount Vernon City School district hasn’t been in the business of educating children since 1996. Millions of dollars were stolen from the district. Stopping the theft of public funds was not an option in bringing the budget down, so a campaign of fear was unleashed by the district, and preached from the pulpit from CEPA churches. “Children will be hurt” was heard all over the city. The same people who had been hurting children for 17 years, were saying,  “don’t hurt the children” to scare the public into approving the budget.

School Superintendent Judith Johnson, Assistant Superintendent of Business Timothy Costello, and School Trustee’s Len Sarver, Francis Wynn, and Elias Goodzeit knew the June 18, 2013 budget revote would be close. School officials resorted to a common voter fraud tactic.

The scene of the crime would be the Wartburg; an assisted living 34-acre assisted living facility located in Mount Vernon off of Lincoln Avenue near the Pelham border. Fabricating absentee ballots at The Wartburg is a tradition in Mount Vernon politics. This closed community is ripe for voter fraud, because the campus is purposely closed to opposition groups. Cheaters have full reign to steal elections. Sources have informed Mount Vernon Exposed, that Judy Williams, currently Commissioner of Human Resources at City Hall and a close   associate to the Mayor, and a Wartburg board member, helped arranged access to people who intended on stealing the election. Residents were coerced to vote yes for the budget, and absentee ballots were fabricated. Federal investigators need to look at the absentee ballots from all school elections for the past 20 years. 

As the votes were being counted at the Board of Education building on the night of the revote, Jeff Yonkers, UFT (United Federation Of Teachers) President, was worried about the outcome. Mount Vernon teachers are the most over paid Teachers in America. Jeff Yonkers wanted the budget vote passed, so he could continue the gravy train for his members. With almost 100% of the votes tallied, the “no” votes to defeat the budget were leading the “yes” votes to pass the budget, by a small margin.

Tim Costello then walked over to a very worried Jeff Yonkers and said “don’t worry, we have The Wartburg absentee ballots”. Mr. Costello knew what he was talking about because out of nowhere the budget was passed overnight, and the absentee ballots at The Wartburg made the difference. Machine votes, and absentee votes citywide were about 50% for, and 50% against the budget. The Wartburg’s absentee ballots were almost 100% “for” passing the budget. It is impossible for this to occur without election fraud and inside help at the Wartburg.

After the budget was passed in Judith Johnson’s favor, a special concert was then held for The Wartburg residents to thank them for their overwhelming help in getting the budget passed. One can come to the conclusion that Judith Johnson owned the Wartburg community dearly. It was also reported that school building workers who helped with the absentee ballot plot were promoted. Once the budget was passed, Judith Johnson went on a spending spree with taxpayer funds. Friends of church and City officials were hired at an alarming rate and as usual, the children were ignored.

Mount Vernon Teachers are one of the highest paid teachers in New York State, yet Mount Vernon Schools perform at the bottom of school districts in New York State. How is this possible? Most teachers employed by the Mount Vernon City School district do not live in the City of Mount Vernon, and therefore, take their money out of the city, leaving homeowners with the burden of paying for Mount Vernon’s awful school system. Where in America can the lowest performing workers, become the highest paid?
Is it too much to ask our teachers to perform better and take less?

With 75% of our middle school children performing below grade level, where is the accountability? Eighty percent of the school budget goes to teacher salaries, benefits, and pensions. Judith Johnson continues to hire and promote teachers outside of Mount Vernon even though qualified people live in Mount Vernon.  By hiring local Mount Vernon talent one would ensure that those hired to work in the community would have a vested interest in the children and taxpayers of Mount Vernon.

The median salary for Mount Vernon teachers is close to $100,000; not inclusive of benefit and pension costs.  Do Mount Vernon teachers understand what their contracts are doing to this city? The suffering is everywhere. Mount Vernon has the highest foreclosure rate in the State of New York. On a daily basis families are being tossed out into the street, because they cannot pay their property taxes. The elderly are constantly faced with the choice of eating, buying medicine, or simply paying their property taxes.

Before being hired into the Mount Vernon School System, all prospective employees should be required to witness the misery that many people in this city go through, each and every day. If the UFT and their members care about the city of Mount Vernon, they should have their members take an across the board 10% salary cut. Maybe charter schools are the answer. Mount Vernon is collapsing under the weight of school taxes.  When it does collapse, everyone loses. Corruption is destroying our schools and the teacher’s contract is bankrupting it.

Mount Vernon Exposed has been repeatedly denied information that was requested under the Freedom of Information Law (Foil). Judith Johnson and Mount Vernon City school district is breaking the law by not releasing this information. Is Ingerman Smith, the law firm hired by the Mount Vernon City School district advising the district to break the law?

Furthermore, is Ingerman Smith, aware of illegal activities occurring throughout the district?  Is it unlawful for a law firm to have knowledge of illegal activities in the school district and not report it? Finally, is attorney Gus Mountanos putting Ingerman Smith in jeopardy of major lawsuits and the loss of their law license?  To be continued………

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