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Valhalla Prison Preparatory School District

Earlier this week Mount Vernon Exposed how the black churches destroyed a generation of youth and the school district is the City of Mount Vernon. Evidence discovered by Mount Vernon Exposed reveals that Mount Vernon does not prepare their students for college; they prepare them for jail.

Mount Vernon has become a feeder system to the Valhalla prison system. Instead of preparing our youth for college, Mount Vernon prepares them for incarceration. Studies have shown that children, who can read by the third grade, seldom become involved with the criminal justice system.  Four out of five incarcerated juvenile offenders read below grade level, and majorities are functionally illiterate. New York State forecasts future prison growth based on third grade reading scores. In other words, they know how many prisons will be needed for third graders in the future.

The following are the percentages of third grade children who read below grade level, and who Mount Vernon is preparing to offer to the prison system in the future.

Graham       63%
Grimes        72%
Longfellow   62%
Parker           68%
Williams        68%
Columbus     24%
Hamilton       60%
Holmes         36%
Lincoln          25%
Pennington    26%
Traphagan      25%

As you can see most 3rd graders enrolled in schools on the south side of Mount Vernon are failing. Most of these children will drop out of school at some point. The State of New York will be forced to build larger and more penitentiaries to accommodate the criminals at the taxpayer’s expense. Furthermore, 85% of all juvenile offenders nationally have reading problems. If these same children with reading problems were afforded an opportunity to learn a trade, they could be saved from a doomed future, and become productive and useful members of society while making positive contributions to their communities and families.

The Black Ministers (CEPA) has removed the opportunity that every Mt. Vernon child deserves. They have eliminated the vocational program, despite tripling the school budget. Where did that money go? CEPA and The United Black Clergy (UBC) have destroyed the future of our children. They have created a Valhalla Prison Prep School District in Mount Vernon. If anyone wanted to devise a plan to destroy a good school system, and send its students to jail, they can follow the CEPA and UBC plan.

What about the poor performing 3rd graders who don’t go to jail?

   3 out of 4 food stamp recipients perform in the lowest 2 literacy levels
   90% of welfare recipients are high school dropouts
   16 to 19 year old girls at the poverty level and below, with below average reading, are 6 times more likely to have out-of-wedlock children than their reading counterparts.
Five thousand children dropped out of school since the Black ministers rescued the district from the ICA. Statistics suggest that 4,250 of those children are either in jail, on welfare, on food stamps, had children in their teens, and/or live in poverty.

Our middle school children act out every day, causing mayhem, to and from school. 75% of our middle school children read below grade level. Based on proven statistics, 3 out of 4 of them are at risk of having a troubled future. Therefore, it should be no surprise that they are lashing out. Their educational system has failed them. Their political and religious leaders have failed them.  The failure of the educational system is all around them, with past students in jail, or just having a life of hell.
Judith Johnson may not be aware of the history of the destruction of Mount Vernon Schools. However, she has aligned herself with the same people who have destroyed a generation of our children. She is very close to the Ministers and City Officials who have destroyed the school system. When Church or City Officials, use funds needed for the education of children, and hire unqualified friends and acquaintances, they force kids into the prison system. When contracts are inflated to grease a palm, a child is not being educated and is destined for a ruined future. When Judith Johnson spends money unwisely, and follows the lead of Ministers and City Hall officials, another generation of children will be lost. Judith Johnson is now the leader of the Valhalla Prison Preparatory School District.  To be continued…
More to come, including how parents are sending their children to neglected, run down, structurally dangerous buildings every school day and how affordable housing and their associated P.I.L.O.T. programs have destroyed the City of Mount Vernon and the Mount Vernon School district.

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