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In 2002, an ex New York State police official, Stanley Glove was hired as a Drug prevention officer. The resolution was 02-102. Mount Vernon Exposed was informed that he was asked to monitor the out of control maintenance workers in the schools. After the termination of the buildings and grounds department, and the hiring of felons by City Hall and the churches, the workers in the schools were dangerous. Mr. Glover was asked to monitor the behavior of maintenance workers. Davis Middle School was where Mr. Glover chose to begin his investigation.

Mr. Glover documented employees who did not report to work. More troubling, workers were observed making daily 10am runs to the liquor store to buy alcohol to bring back to the school building to consume on school premises while children were tucked away in classes learning. Workers got intoxicated while in the same building as our children. These employees were hired and protected by our Black Ministers, and City Hall officials, so the report was buried, and Mr. Glover was not allowed to continue his investigation in the other schools. No disciplinary actions was taken. School Superintendent Judith Johnson wonders why Davis children are out of control. She needs to look no further than the people who work around them.

There has not been supervision of building workers since 2002, when CEPA eliminated the buildings and grounds management. Rogue groups of unsupervised workers are roaming our schools. Some do not bother to show up to work at all, yet are paid and sucking taxpayers dry.  Most of the dangerous workers hired in the past, are still employed by the Mount Vernon City School district.

Cecil H. Parker school is filthy. When the cleaning staff decides to come to work, they have drinking parties. Bottles of beer and alcohol are constantly found inside Parker School. Parker’s staff does not clean the school. Furthermore, the staff doesn’t clean up the beer bottles and alcohol they consume. They leave them around for children to see.  Crews from other schools are brought in to clean Parker School. This is an example of the lack of oversight of workers in our schools.

Another example of the fox watching the hen house is an incident that was brought to light several years ago at Mount Vernon High School.  A maintenance worker had pit bulls running through the halls at night and on weekends. To further add insult to injury, the high school was used to breed dogs. Mount Vernon Exposed was informed that there were two dogfights held at the high school. These incidents were swept under the rug and not reported to authorities because the aunt of the accused was a parishioner at one of CEPA churches. 

Henry May from Mount Vernon is an educator who calls himself a community activist. Mr. May has a longstanding relationship with CEPA, and The UBC, (Black Churches) the two organizations most responsible for destroying Mount Vernon’s School District. Henry May is another member on the Superintendent’s search committee.  Many consider Mr. May an empty suit that does the bidding of the corrupt black pastors and City officials. 

Henry May’s role with The Mount Vernon School district, while scores plummeted, taxes tripled, and an entire generation of children were destroyed, is troubling. Judith Johnson, Elias GooTzeit, and the power brokers of this suffering city, have put Henry May on the Superintendent search committee. Any Superintendent hired from this committee, will be puppets to church leaders and City Hall officials. Children and taxpayers will continue to suffer. 

Henry May’s connections, helped secure a no questions asked $75,000 job for his daughter, Donna Jackson. Jackson would be ushered in to serve as Judith Johnson executive assistant.   Mount Vernon Exposed began an investigation into Donna Jackson after receiving several complaints that Jackson was hired illegally and not in accordance with New York State Civil Service protocols. 

Mount Vernon Exposed requested Ms. Jackson’s resume under the Freedom of Information Law, but the district refuses to release it. Judith Johnson has instructed Alice Patterson, the records access officer for the Mount Vernon City School District and Gus Mountanous, of the law firm Ingerman Smith, LLP, to not release the resume and job application.  Not releasing this public information is in violation of New York State law.  Taxpayers will once again be left holding the bag due to the negligence of the Judith Johnson regime.

The political patronage position awarded Ms. Donna Jackson was never posted and no civil service exam was ever called for.  No other applicants were interviewed. Trustee Elias Goodzeit who has strong ties to church officials, gave Donna Jackson a personal reference on her resume, which is inappropriate and an outright conflict of interest. Federal investigation need to look into the Gootzeit-Mays-Jackson connection to see if any monetary consideration was given or promised to Mr. Gootzeit for his kind gesture of providing Ms. Jackson with a personal reference.  Investigators should also look at all tabs and resolutions voted on by Gootzeit that had anything whatsoever to do with Judith Johnson and Donna Jackson.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that because Mr. Mays is a member of Grace Baptist Church, the headquarters of CEPA, is the reason his unqualified and inept daughter received her current job.  

Gootzeit, the so-called agent of change should have known that it was a conflict of interest for him to vote on her appointment.  Gootzeit cannot claim ignorance of the law because after all, he is a trained attorney.  Judith Johnson informed the district that Donna Jackson would write grants.  As of today, no grants were written by Ms. Jackson. Sources informed Mount Vernon exposed that Donna Jackson has no idea how to write a grant, and the grant writing claim was only fabricated, to justify her employment and illegally circumventing New York State civil service requirements. 

As you can see, the dots are connecting. The United Black Clergy and City Hall have too much influence in The Mount Vernon School system. Jobs, contracts, and kickbacks are the main goal of these groups. The test scores of Mount Vernon children are horrendous, and these groups are to blame. The Superintendent search committee is a “set up” to hire a Superintendent who has allegiances to these outside forces. To make things worse, Judith Johnson is trying to secure a 5-year contract for the new Superintendent. This will cripple Mount Vernon. Too many board members are being excluded from the process.

A school system is put in place to educate children. Mount Vernon’s school district has failed them miserably, and has become a cesspool full of greedy people stealing from children and taxpayers. I challenge Community Activist, Henry May, and members of the UBC, to explain how student performances have fell so far, almost to the point of no return and why property taxes have skyrocketed to the highest in the nation under their leadership.
Unfortunately, we have different types of Black Politicians, Church leaders, and Community Activists than we had 40 years ago. Our leaders in the past really cared about our community, and did not exploit those who were vulnerable.  The churches and City Hall should immediately remove themselves from the stranglehold they have on our school district. They should apologize for damaging the lives of so many of our youth. They should compensate the tens of thousands of people who were cheated out of an education. They should repay the taxpayers who funded this fraud. They should also buy back the homes of grandmothers and others who were kicked to the curb because they could not pay their taxes.

This is sure to become a national story.....STAY TUNED........

To be continued……

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