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A Double Agent Gone Wild
Former school board trustee, Delia Farquharson has managed to become Mount Vernon’s best, specialized double agent. Delia Farquharson is an ardent Ernie Davis supporter, as well as a Maureen Walker supporter. As the saying goes “One cannot serve two master’s”.  Ms. Farquharson has skillfully played one against the other. This was never more apparent than in the 2011 Mayoral campaign, when sources say that Delia Farquharson became an Ernie Davis mole, by disclosing vital Walker Campaign information to the Davis Campaign.  Sources informed Mount Vernon Exposed that Delia Farquharson constantly boast that she could play the fence better than anyone. Sources also say that Delia Farquharson has secretly pledged her support to the 2016 Davis re-election, because she does not believe Maureen Walker could ever beat Mayor Ernie Davis.
 Mount Vernon Exposed was told that Ms. Farquharson lacks the ability to keep her mouth shut, and disclosed a very troubling event.
A source says, that Delia Farquharson told her that Comptroller Maureen Walker targeted a key Walker supporter who was not happy with her politics. Mount Vernon Exposed will disclose the name of the supporter at a later date. According to sources, with the help of Delia Farquharson, Maureen Walker decided to dispense some revenge on her supporter at a school board meeting. In June 2013, Ms. Walker put the plan into action. Comptroller Walker illegally divulged confidential information regarding her supporter’s STAR program status to then Board Trustee Farquharson. The plan was for Trustee Farquharson to embarrass the supporter in the middle of an open session school board meeting. The Star program status of the Walker supporter was to be made public. Trustee Farquharson tried to bring up the STAR issue, but it was so irrelevant to the topic, that she was shut down. While children and taxpayers were suffering, and while Mount Vernon has become the leading foreclosure city in the nation, these are the games our politicians continue to play. Now it appears that Ms. Farquharson is trying to secretly embarrass Comptroller Walker, by leaking the information about this plot. It is only a matter of time before the targeted Walker Supporter finds out this hideous plan.
 Delia Farquharson, a Social Worker, successfully ran for a school board seat in 2009, and supported a 24% tax increase. There has never been a tax increase she did not support. While Ms. Farquharson’s policies sucked the life out of our district, she sent her children to Tuckahoe schools. Last week, former School Board Trustee Delia Farquharson stormed the School Board meeting with several unruly Ministers and City Commissioners. The group barged into the Board’s executive meeting at the delight of Delia Farquharson. This is embarrassing behavior from a former School Board Trustee who has become a Double Agent Gone Wild

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