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Ministers Gone Wild

Last Wednesday’s school board meeting, was invaded by an angry group of people armed with false and misleading information. They responded to a rumor, emailed by a City Hall staffer, that the board was going to terminate the contract of failing Superintendent, Judith Johnson. During the board meeting, a member of the group, continually, and illegally, entered the board’s executive meeting, trying to intimidate Board Members, to end their meeting, and speak with them. Who were these inappropriate people? They are none other than members of the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee, clergy members and high-ranking officials of Mayor Ernie Davis’ administration.  The clergy members were sent on orders from Ernie Davis and Rev. Franklyn Richardson of Grace Baptist Church, the poverty pimp who continuously benefits from seniors being tossed from their homes due to rising foreclosures in the City of Mount Vernon.

The above named individuals are responsible for destroying Mount Vernon, by destroying the future of our youth, tripling our taxes, and sending the elderly into the streets, due to tax foreclosures. Maybe, that is the plan after all, force the elderly into foreclosure, then build senior housing at the taxpayer expense, to house them.  Rev. Richardson would then cash out and return to his mansion in Scarsdale.

After hearing the rumors, sources say that Lenny Sarver contacted his friend, Ernie Davis to tell him about the Superintendent’s possible dismissal. No such plan was ever in place. Ernie Davis, who publicly stated on several occasions that he wants control of the school district, told his staffer to send out an email blast to scare the public, by stating that the Italian Civic Association (ICA) was trying to regain power. Sources say that during last year’s school board election, Rev Darren Morton constantly claimed that the ICA was going to take over the school district. The ICA has not been around for over 15 years and their former headquarters on North Street across from the Amory, sits abandoned and in a blighted condition. These Ministers are aware of this, but constantly preach this lie. When The ICA was in power, Mount Vernon had blue ribbon schools, and low taxes. Saying that The ICA is coming back into power is a tactic to scare the black community, which is no different than what the Democrats do to the black community, instilling fear that the “Tea Party” is going to take over the government.  However, the black community should be aware that their children and all children performed significantly better when Rev. Richardson and his gang of crooks were not in power. Mayor Davis, asked his Commissioners, and the Ministers to invade the meeting, to demand answers. The public, who is fed up with Judith Johnson, high taxes, and uneducated children, did not show up to the meeting.  

Several clergy members, Deputy DPW Commissioner Ray Copeland, Human Resources Commissioner Judy Williams, and Bettye Davis, the wife of Mayor Ernie Davis, invaded the board meeting. Along with this unruly group, was former board member Delia Farquharson, who encouraged this outrageous behavior. Ms. Farquharson will run in the school election this year.  Mount Vernon Exposed will be writing about Ms. Farquharson, who has become the biggest double agent in the history Mount Vernon.

While the board was in executive session, Mount Vernon Exposed had a conversation with Ernie Davis’s dispatched group. The Ministers, who have meddled in school politics for almost 20 years, claimed they had no clue as to how bad our students are failing. Mount Vernon Exposed has not seen these Ministers or Commissioners at school board meetings in well over a year. Some of them never attended meetings.  These people came out in force, to defend a Superintendent, who is not educating our children. Bette Davis was heard saying, “This is payback”. The board rejected the hire of her Daughter, Rene Davis. 

It is obvious that Mayor Ernie Davis and a select few Ministers want to control the school district. These Ministers are in complete violation of their IRS 501 C3 tax-exempt status, by continually preaching politics from the pulpit.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that formal complaints have been filed with the I.R.S. seeking to have Rev. Richardson and any other clergy member’s tax-exempt status revoked, due to the continued violation of the I.R.S. tax code.  This rogue group is hurting this city, especially the poor, and the children.  We should all write to the IRS and demand that their tax-exempt status be revoked. Power comes in numbers. Mt Vernon Exposed urges Ministers not involved in the meddling in the school district, to come forward to denounce the illegal actions of Ministers who are hurting our schools. Silence is a form of acceptance in the destruction of Mt Vernon.

Sources have informed Mount Vernon Exposed, that with the help of The Mount Vernon Democratic Committee, they plan to hijack the May school board election by voter fraud. More on this subject in a later issue. 

Mount Vernon is on the verge of financial collapse. The church and political groups responsible for our failing schools and tax increases have made Mount Vernon the foreclosure capital of America. They continue to put a stranglehold on the school district. They are trying to put the final nail in Mount Vernon’s coffin. Mount Vernon is a city that cannot serve its citizens properly. Mount Vernon cannot perform the simplest of  tasks, such as filling a pothole.

It appears that the Attorneys for the school district, Ingerman Smith, have been playing politics, and siding with Lenny Sarver and Judith Johnson.  Ingerman Smith constantly gives false and misleading information to school board trustees who then rely on that information to make decisions that affect the children of Mount Vernon.  Ingerman Smith’s ruling, that the vacating President’s position, cannot be filled by a vote, and that Lenny Sarver should remain President until June 30th, is totally incorrect. Board members should immediately place a vote of no confidence in Ingerman Smith, and replace them with Attorneys who do not engage in politics.

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