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Voter Fraud Part 2

The group responsible for destroying Mount Vernon’s School system, and for massive amounts of voter fraud, is backing Elias Goodzeit in order to help continue their influence in the Mount Vernon School System.

Rev. Mizell of Grace Baptist Church is the point person for churches who look to seize control of The Mount Vernon School Board.  In May, 2012, Rev Mizell, on behalf of The UBC (United Black Clergy) supported four Candidates, Francis Wynn, Elias Goodzeit, Delia Farqueson, and Brenda Crump. Mizell asked the Mount Vernon Democratic Committee to help their candidates win, because the clergy had lost credibility with the voters in Mount Vernon.

The UBC and their candidates illegally used Democratic Headquarters, and no leases were issued to use the facility. This is against New York State Campaign law. The 2012 election was marred with voter fraud. Sources informed Mount Vernon Exposed, that voters were bussed in from all areas, including The Bronx, to vote for Mizell’s candidates. As reported by The Journal News, dead people voted, people voted multiple times, and servicemen stationed overseas on election day had votes cast for them at poll locations. One voter’s home address was the abandoned tennis courts at Memorial field.  Comptroller Maureen Walker and her Husband Robert Walker were also part of the fraud that election day.

Mizell’s candidates won the election. The losing candidates requested the voting machines be impounded. This is common practice in elections, to guarantee they are fair and honest. Rev Mizell urged the sitting Board Members they helped get into office to vote no, and the motion failed. Two Board Members, who voted “no” were Elias Goodzeit, and Delia Farquharson. Both were winning candidates in the disputed election. Why would Elias Goodzeit, an Attorney, block the process to verify that an election in The United States Of America was fair? What was he hiding? Elias Goodzeit spent 3 years denying his involvement in voter fraud, yet he voted no to allow anyone to examine the voting machines.

Last year, Goodzeit, and Farquharson started a group called The Mount Vernon Board Campaign Action Committee. This organization is supposed to find school board candidates favorable to Grace Baptist, and other churches. When the black churches originally gained control of the board in 1997, they called themselves CEPAA (Coalition for the Empowerment of People of African Ancestry). Ministers have changed their organization’s names several times, to stay ahead of United States election laws. CEPPA became the UBC (United Black Clergy) and now, The Mount Vernon Board Campaign Action Committee.  We will discuss CEPAA Later.

 Last year, the Campaign Action Committee chose, Darthea Miller, Charmaine Fearon, and Omar McDowell as their candidates. Darthea Miller is Mizell’s choice to be the next Board President.  It looks like the trio of Miller, Fearon, and McDowell, are backing Elias Goodzeit, with the promise to put Miller in the President’s seat, as long as Goodzeit wins. Charmaine Fearon, is an Attorney for Morgan Stanley, and needs to be careful that she is not part of any voter fraud that may happen this year. Also, she cannot plead ignorance to not knowing the history of the people who support her. This is a disaster waiting to happen. Attorneys, Goodzeit and Fearon are well aware of the separation of church and state laws, and the fact that Grace Baptist, and other Churches who support them, are, and have been in violation of their IRS 501-C3 tax exempt status. Sources say, The Mount Vernon Board Campaign Action Committee was formed to hide Grace and other Churches’ involvement in the election process. Complaints have been filed with the IRS, and it is only a matter of time before the Government acts on the misbehavior of religious intuitions in Mount Vernon. Their supporters need to be aware that these religious organizations violate IRS law.

The Mount Vernon Campaign Action Committee urged last year’s candidates to decline support from other groups. However, recently Delia Farquharson begged support for Gootzeit, from a member of Concerned Property Owners, (a north side based organization). Furthermore, members of The Mount Vernon Campaign Action Committee wanted to drop Wanda White from their ticket as a deal for support for Goodzeit. Those request were denied.

Over the years, greed by some of the most prominent black church Minister’s in the City of Mount Vernon, destroyed our youth by denying them a proper education. Under the influence of the black Churches, Mount Vernon went from having great schools, to having one of the worst school districts in the country. Property taxes have tripled under their leadership. Graduation rates are at an all time low, because children are dropping out at record numbers. Most children in Mount Vernon perform below grade level.

There has been severe mismanagement of public funds for the past two decades due to the influence of the black churches in the City of Mount Vernon. Although taxes have tripled, vocational training has been removed from Mount Vernon schools, further hindering the prospect of children becoming employable.  Uneducated youth resort to crime, drugs, gangs, and finally become incarcerated. The elderly become squeezed out of their homes, while falling home prices have made Mount Vernon an undesirable place to live. How did this happen? How did people who preach the word of God become such opportunist? Why did they destroy a generation of youth?

Prior to 1997 the ICA (Italian Civic Association) controlled the school board. Founded in 1917, the I.C.A. elected its first school board trustee in 1919. Its members, all who trace their roots to Italy, got out the vote by phoning and making house calls to their voter base. The ICA financed the running of school board candidates, influenced the hiring of the superintendent, teachers, and had complete control of contracts. Schools on the north side had better teachers, more computers, and were just plain better equipped than south side schools. The ICA took care of the north side, and African Americans and black church leaders in Mount Vernon were outraged.

Even with the favoritism to north side schools, the children in south side schools were being educated. Mount Vernon had blue ribbon, nationally recognized schools, and a high graduation rate. For example, on a state reading exam in 1996, 93.1 percent of Mount Vernon's sixth graders scored above the minimum competency level compared with 89.9 percent of all Westchester sixth graders. Children passed in great numbers in both middle-class and poor sections of the city. The average property tax bill in 1996 was about $3500 per year.

Black Ministers under CEPAA, mounted a campaign to wrestle power away from The ICA. The ringleader of CEPAA was Grace Baptist Church Pastor,  Franklyn Richardson. Despite US laws against mixing politics and religion, Preachers in violation of their 501-C3 tax-exempt statuses, preached politics from the pulpit, urging people to come out and vote for their candidates. In May of 1997, with 11,547 voters cast, CEPAA took control of the school board. The winning CEPAA candidates were, Frances W. Wynn, Carolyn V. Ben Reuben, Lynn C. Frazer-McBride, Gerald M. Coleman and the Rev. David D. Henry.

The 1997-98 budget was $95.9 million. CEPAA challenged the budget vote, which was defeated during the 1997 May election. In 1997, spending per pupil in the City of Mount Vernon was $9,383.45.  Today, spending has increased to almost $30,000 per pupil. Immediately following the 1997 school board election, CEPAA went to work, hiring “their” people to work in the school system, regardless of qualifications. Contracts were awarded to acquaintances, bonds were taken out, and money went missing. People became rich off the backs of our children and taxpayers.

It wasn’t too long after CEPAA put “their” people to work that taxpayers and children in the City of Mount Vernon began to feel the effects of CEPAA’s high taxing policies. Scores of children began to plummet, vocational schools were eliminated, students began to drop out in record numbers, and property taxes skyrocketed. Crime also escalated to record numbers, and our uneducated and unemployable youth ended up in jail. An entire generation of children were destroyed, mostly African American children, due to the policies of CEPAA.

Since our black Ministers rescued us from the ICA, over 6000 kids have dropped out of school. Most of our south side school children, the ones being rescued by CEPAA, are now well below state standard levels in reading and math. Some schools have much less than 30% of their children at or above grade level. Davis Middle School is an embarrassment, and ranks at the bottom of middle schools
In NY State, with 25% of 7th and 8th graders at or above reading and math levels. Davis Middle School is at risk for a State takeover.

Ministers continue to violate the law, and are heavy in school politics. Our children have suffered under their control. In the 2012 school board election, the process was rigged to insure certain candidates were elected. CEPAA always blamed the ICA of stealing elections to control money and jobs. The Ministers are now being accused of doing the same, by their actions in the 2012 election.

Mount Vernon has a wonderful Superintendent, Dr. Kenneth Hamilton, who has a very tough job. He was handed a very difficult situation. We are hopeful that his leadership will turn around our school system. Progress has begun.

We urge anyone concerned with the education of our children, and the high taxes we pay to educate them, to demand that all churches cease from meddling in our school system. Enough is enough. Any church member, who hears any Minister endorsing candidates, should report them to the IRS. We have lost a generation of children due to their unscrupulous behavior. We also urge Delia Farquharson and Elias Goodzeit, who is running for re-election, to explain why he voted not to allow voting machines to be inspected in the controversial 2012 election. Fair and honest elections are what this country stands for. What were Goodzeit and Farquharson hiding?

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