Sunday, May 24, 2015


Mayor Davis Brings Crack To Democratic Interview,
Reginald Lafayette and Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee Nominate Davis For Mayor

The Dishonorable Ernest D. Davis brought crack-cocaine to Mount Vernon Democratic Headquarters during his interview process for Mayor on Saturday, May 16, 2015. The incumbent Mayor of Mount Vernon, who is on probation for federal tax evasion charges, says he found the vials of crack on the street, according to a Democratic Committee insider who is a member of the Democratic steering committee.

They agreed to talk to us only if their name was not mentioned in the story because they are an active member of the committee, but felt outraged by the Mayor’s actions and the fact no one in the Mount Vernon Democratic Committee who witnessed this, including Catlin Gleason (wife of a retired MVPD Detective), Mary Graves (Sister of Former Mayor Clinton Young), Antoinette Carusso & Reginald Lafayette himself, spoke up about it.

Davis claims to have found the vials of crack and said, “I just wanted to show you that we need to be paying more attention to what our youths are doing,” according to our source.

This goes to show the blatant arrogance of Davis, a convicted criminal who is on probation, thinking he can walk into the Mount Vernon Democratic Headquarters in possession of an illegal controlled substance, which is a crime under federal and New York State laws for an average citizen. Should it not be more so for a convicted criminal on probation?

This is a continuous erosion of justice, due to the selected prosecution of the democratic elected DA, when many youth of color have been dragged in court because police have lied. Now you have police and elected officials turning a blind eye, because of connection of party bosses, like Reggie Lafayette and their continuous underhanded dealing in upholding the status quo.

Secondly the fact that Davis is never without a member of MVPD on his detail, that officer turned a blind eye to Davis being in possession of an illegal controlled substance. Thirdly, the fact that the Mount Vernon Democratic Committee, whom Davis showed these vials of crack to, in their infamous wisdom, thought that made Davis the candidate they wanted to represent the party in the upcoming election.

When convicted of a crime, and before we go any further let's address those who say it’s only a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor is a crime and to make that excuse, what do you tell the many young adults who are sitting in Valhalla because of a misdemeanor, that it’s okay because it’s only a misdemeanor? What kind of a message does that send to our youth? When convicted of a crime and sentenced to probation, a violation of probation at the very least could require Davis to appear in court for a probation violation hearing.

A conviction could result in at the very least additional probation time. It could also be seen as a breach of his plea bargain agreement and he could serve time for his original conviction in addition to added time for being in possession of an illegal controlled substance, which could depending on the charge could now make him a convicted felon (who cannot vote.) You can vote if charged with a misdemeanor, which is probably why, his people, including the City Council President Marcus Griffin, keep saying it’s only a misdemeanor.

Possessing, using or selling illegal drugs is a violation and breaks the conditions of probation and any plea agreement.

Blind justice, a legal concept regarding the neutrality of dispensing justice and is often represented by Lady Justice being depicted wearing a blindfold. No discipline of the highest elected official of the city of Mount Vernon in this matter could be perceived as lady Justice peeking under the blindfold, negating the neutrality of dispensing justice. Davis has walked around the streets of Mt. Vernon like a Teflon Don who is above the law before and after his conviction.

How can of Mount Vernon move forward when the CEO of Mount Vernon (as he was referred to in his press conference to announce his candidacy) with his blatantly breaking laws knowing nothing will happen? What message does it send to the youth who look up to the highest elected official of Mount Vernon for leadership and as their role model?

“If the mayor can do what he wants and get away with it…”

Our insider suggested the only way to get the committee members to actually come forth and speak up on this and many other criminal infractions is to open an investigation.

“While many may have loyalty to Davis and Lafayette, We can guarantee everyone is not willing to risk going to jail by lying to the police or perjuring themselves on the stand. We have witnessed time and time again in the MV Democratic Headquarters, the democratic process does not exist anymore in Mount Vernon and something needs to be done.”

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