Friday, May 29, 2015


Former corrupt Mayor Clinton Young is announcing his candidacy tomorrow for Mayor of Mount Vernon. Young, in his usual fashion as a lazy opportunist, is making his announcement at Memorial Field. 

The embattled former Mayor is hoping that residents forgot about his corrupt, high taxing administration, that employed thugs that went around shaking down business owners and city residents and instead will turn their focus the eye sore that currently sits in a dilapidated state on Sandford Blvd. However, Mount Vernon voters are not foolish and will reject Young's candidacy just like they did four years ago. 

Mount Vernon Exposed was created because of the rampant corruption in Mayor Young's administration.  Today, Mount Vernon Exposed is the most viewed publication in Mount Vernon with over 60,000 page views per month.  

Clinton Young's protege turned Ernie Davis lapdog, John Boykin is seeking a City Council seat and was just recently endorsed by the Mount Vernon Democratic City Commitee, the same organization that endorsed Mayor Davis after he brought crack cocaine to his nominating interview. 

No candidate endorsed by the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee has won the past two Mayoral elections.  


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