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Mount Vernon Exposed spoke with a Mount Vernon City Councilperson who said the use of the N-Word by Councilman Thomas never occurred and that the incident reported in the news was fabricated and exaggerated by City Council President Marcus Griffith on orders from convicted Criminal Mayor Ernie Davis and Westchester Dem Crime Boss Reggie Lafayette.

According to the Councilperson that was present during the "tiff" here is what went down:

During the City Council, Committee of the Whole Meeting, which occurs one day before the public City Council meeting, City Councilman Thomas was a little late, and rightfully so.  Councilman Thomas' wife is six months pregnant with their second child.  Councilman Thomas's wasn't feeling well that evening is the reason that Thomas was late to the meeting.

When Thomas arrived to the meeting, it was obvious that he was fatigued and a little bothered.  Marcus Griffith immediately began to get under the skin of Councilman Thomas by stating "Nice of you to join us this evening Councilman".  Councilman Thomas replied, " My wife wasn't feeling well".  Council President Griffith then said, "Your fucking wife...”

It was then that Council President Thomas got upset and stood up asking, "What is your f-ing problem"? Council President Griffith then stood up and said, "You are my f-ing problem, someone who wants to be Mayor can't even make meetings on time". 

At no point in time was anyone ever threatened and no one used the N-Word.  In fact when Griffith and Thomas started to argue, a third councilperson got in between them and told them to cool down and to knock it off.

According to the City Councilperson that was present both men used profanity but said Griffith clearly provoked the incident but no racial slurs were ever used during the "tiff" and no threats of bodily harm were used" 

According to a political insider, City Council President Marcus Griffith is on Mayor Ernie Davis' payroll and is under orders to attack Councilman Thomas at every opportunity to try to discredit what he says so it can help Mayor Davis out during the campaign.

During Mayor Davis' interview with Verizon Fios, which can be heard by clicking, here, here, and here (3 part interview), Davis called the Media lazy, and in this case Mount Vernon Exposed agrees with Davis' remarks.

Instead of thoroughly investigating the story, News12 reported on an incident that happened over two weeks ago only because the Davis campaign kept pushing for coverage.  News12 provided lousy coverage and as usual, reported facts incorrectly and did not detect that they are being used in the smear campaign against Thomas. 

With just a little more effort, and a simple Google search, News12 would have discovered that Marcus Griffith was recorded telling a Mount Vernon City taxpayers to sell his home and move out of Mount Vernon if he doesn't like how things are running in Mount Vernon.  Griffith even told the resident he is an embarrassment to the City of Mount Vernon. Why wasn't this reported in the News? Marcus Griffith's comments can be heard here 

Further investigating by News12 would have also revealed that the Davis campaign, led by Griffith, stands also accused of copyright infringement for taking a fabricated letter to the editor and then, without knowledge of permission from the editor, distributed it around Mount Vernon to make it appear that the Mount Vernon Inquirer endorsed City Council Marcus Griffith's version of the events. 

The Author of the fabricated letter to the editor is Denise Cardozo Branch who is employed in the Davis Admonition.  Branch is a close family friend of Mayor Davis and is the Aunt of Deputy Corporation Counsel Brian Johnson.  Branch was not even in attendance the day of the meeting and had the wrong date in her letter to the editor. Branch's son, Latt George is also employed in DPW, also hired by Davis.  A DPW spokesman, said Latt George is out on disability after faking an injury.  Taxpayers are picking up the tab for Latt's corruption.  

According to the Mount Vernon Inquirer website, which can be found here: an editorial was written about the letter to the editor debacle:


Was I exploited for political reasons?

Some time ago I predicted that the current mayoral race was going to be one of the dirtiest in Mount Vernon’s history – and I was right. However,  I never thought that I would become an actual victim.

On Monday, July 13, I received a Letter to the Editor from a woman I happen to know, who works at the Armory as an assistant. In the letter she clearly implies that she attended and witnessed  a  volatile altercation ensue between City Council President Marcus Griffith and City Councilman Richard Thomas,“. . . at a regular scheduled City Council meeting on June 24.”  In fact, the incident occurred at a June 23rd council work session, open to the public but not recorded.  She also mentioned in the letter that Thomas used the “N” word and threatened to assault Griffith.   The date discrepancies alone raise critical “red flags” as to the authenticity of this letter.

I do not accept Letters to the Editor from anonymous individuals, but in this case I knew the lady and placed the letter on the Inquirer’s website, trusting that the information in the letter was accurate.

After consulting with my staff about the letter, I decided to make some telephone calls, and several individuals apprised me that the woman who sent me the letter never attended the meeting.  I immediately took the letter off the Inquirer’s website ---less than two hours after I had posted it.  Needless to say, I felt that I had been duped.

On Tuesday, July 14, at 7 AM, I received an email with an attachment.  Guess what the attachment contained? It was an actual copy of the letter that I had posted and removed from my website.  Outrageously, the individuals behind this dirty campaign ploy had the nerve to use the Inquirer’s mast at the top of the letter illegally, giving the impression that my newspaper actually stands behind the letter. I also learned that thousands of these letters were printed up and are being distributed throughout Mount Vernon.  It is amazing how low people will stoop for political gain.

My newspaper has been in existence since 2004, and readers respect it because the content is based on truthful journalism, since I do not have ties to anybody in Mount Vernon.  Readers also know that I try to remain neutral and do not endorse politicians. I made the mistake of endorsing a mayoral candidate many years ago and I am still regretting it until this day.

Mount Vernon is a great city and I love the people, but the city is badly broken and divided as never before.  This current mayoral race is critically important and the voters must not be allowed to be misinformed by individuals that will lie, cheat, and stop at nothing to have their candidate elected.

So, let your voice be heard by going to the polls on Primary Day and Election Day. Don’t waste your vote by staying home, because every vote counts. 
Joseph A. Parisi

City Council President Griffith even has had Mount Vernon Exposed publisher Samuel L. Rivers removed from City Council chambers when Rivers began questioning Griffith about the L.E.D. contract Griffith awarded to his buddy Terrence Horton.  As a scare tactics, Griffith in cahoots with Mount Vernon City Clerk George Brown, have as many as four (4) uniformed officers present during the City Council meeting to intimidate Rivers from speaking.  Mount Vernon has over 50 unsolved homicides over the past several years.  Perhaps these officers should be out trying to solve murders and real crimes and not harassing the citizens of Mount Vernon who challenge the corruption of the Davis regime. 

To be continued: Marcus Griffith's Rise to Power

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