Monday, July 20, 2015


Commissioner Reggie Lafayette week and he confirmed what has long been on the minds of many; that widespread petition fraud is rampant throughout Westchester County, and especially in Mount Vernon, Crime Boss Reggie Lafayette’s hometown. 

Mount Vernon Exposed previously reported on the "Cosa Nostra" style of politics that currently takes place in the City of Mount Vernon.  If a candidate wants to run for office in Mount Vernon, a minimum of 1000 valid signatures is required to secure a spot on the ballot.  Candidates usually try to secure two to three times that amount so that they can withstand petition challenges. 

Crime Boss Reggie Lafayette is the Westchester County Democratic Chairman, The Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee Chairman, and Westchester County Election Commissioner.  King Reggie has the final in any petition say along with his conflict of interest counterpart, Doug Colety. 

Throughout the petition gathering process there were rumors daily of candidates have trouble getting valid signatures for their petitions, namely Ernest D. Davis and Ruth Hassell-Thompson.  Mount Vernon Exposed reviewed both candidates’ petitions on its face and it appeared that both camps had exceeded the required amount of signatures.  Ernie Davis appears on the petition with John Boykin, Adrian Armstrong, and Lisa Copeland.

Earlier today, Mount Vernon Exposed learned that petitions for Ernest D. Davis and Ruth Hassell Thompson, candidates for Mayor contain widespread fraud.  According to a source involved in challenging both candidates’ petitions, names were signed for people when in fact they didn't sign.  One person told Mount Vernon Exposed that her mother's name appeared on Senator Thompson's petition even though her mother has moved away from Mount Vernon over six years ago. 

Mount Vernon Exposed telephone Crime Boss Reggie and tape-recorded the conversation.  To listen to the call click here. 

Mount Vernon Exposed asked Reggie if it was true that he was involved in organized crime and he responded" We can make a joint effort, I can turn all of these petitions over to the U.S. Attorney". 

Mount Vernon Exposed publisher Samuel L. Rivers explained to Reggie that he wasn't a candidate nor did he carry petitions for anyone for this year’s election, so the issue of fraudulent petitions wouldn't pertain to him. 

Reggie then responded, "No, No, No, No, No, You want to open up something, I will withdraw myself and have the U.S. Attorney and the D.A. act as referee so they can look into fraud...and when they see the fraud on these peoples petitions, a lot of them are going to be in trouble.  Since you wrote that stuff in there I am going to see if Doug wants to do that".

Rivers then responded " I think that is a very good idea Reggie, I think you should do that right away..."

Rivers then asked Reggie why he called Rivers an "Uncle Tom" last week when he stopped by the Board of Elections to view petitions for Ernest Davis and Ruth Hassell Thompson.  Reggie responded, "All I really see you do is tear down black people". 

Reggie has a fiduciary duty to the voters of Mount Vernon and Westchester County to turn over all petitions he that knows are fraudulent.  The petitions must be turn over to the F.B.I. as this a systemic part of the process in Mount Vernon politics.  The integrity of the electoral process has been eroded due to Crime Boss Lafayette’s blatant conflicts of interest. 

Crime Boss Reggie and Convict Ernie Davis are former business partners.  They owned a liquor store together in Mount Vernon.  There is nothing Reggie is not will to do, including cheating and altering election results, to help his long time friend hold onto power. 

Crime Boss Reggie is the Chairman of the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee; the same organization that Reggie said had fraudulent petitions?   How can the Chairman of the Westchester Democratic and Westchester County Election Commissioner allowed to run rampant rigging elections without any checks and balances?

At once, Reggie must turn over Ernie Davis' and Ruth Hassell-Thompsons' fraudulent petitions to the F.B.I. for investigation.  The Westchester District Attorney in conflicted out because Westchester D.A. Janet DiFiore contributed $10,000 to Reggie's campaign account.  If any candidate's petitions contain fraud, they should be arrested and charged and their name shall not be placed on the ballot for the upcoming Democratic Primary on September 10, 2015

To be continued....

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