Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Mount Vernon’s Ineffective Clergy

While violence claims the lives of citizens in Mount Vernon, our religious leaders remain silent. The same leaders, who loudly preach politics from the pulpit and suck the life out our school district, stay silent while our citizens die.

Last month, the local clergy pushed Kevin Bunch for school board trustee. The United Black Clergy (UBC) members took time out of their sermons to illegally electioneer from the pulpit. Grace Baptist crony, Henry May, peddled Bunch literature in front of polling locations.

Killings and gun violence are never on Sunday morning programs. Many believe the black churches in Mount Vernon created the violence we are experiencing by robbing the school district blind, and producing a generation of uneducated former students.

As bullets fly and the people die, the Clergy remains silent to the tragedies that plague Mount Vernon. They never offer the option of opening their churches to get kids off the street. Macedonia Pastor Darren Morton spent many Sundays electioneering from the pulpit endorsing Kevin Bunch for School Board Trustee. However, Morton is partly responsible for our youth walking the streets with no activities. Morton, who is a failed Recreation Commissioner, should not be employed by the City of Mount Vernon. The lack of recreation in Mount Vernon plagues our city.

Although the Clergy is silent to tragedies, they are vocal when it comes to city and school elections. They are also vocal as to who gets to spend bond money.

While people die, the Clergy are focused on electing Reverend Edward Mulraine for the State Senate seat, vacated by Ruth Hassell Thompson. Sources say, Reverend Mulraine of Unity Baptist Church in Mount Vernon repeatedly cheated on his wife and fathered a child with a parishioner. His wife left him. While our youth’s blood spills in the street, our Clergy supports Mulraine. Bunch and Mulraine are on the Sunday morning programs, not the victims of violence, who lay in morgues with gunshot wounds. Mulraine is the protégé of Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson and Grace Baptist Church.

While we bury our citizens, Rev. Richardson of Grace Baptist Church, invited Rev. Al Sharpton, (last Sunday), to speak at Unity Baptist Church. The prior day’s shooting death and stabbing were not on the agenda, but Mulraine for State Senate was. Does Sharpton know of Mulraine’s past, or did the UBC fail to mention it?

Our Clergy in Mount Vernon is a disgrace. The UBC is active in everything but saving our community. Their School District meddling may be the reason Mount Vernon is erupting in violence. They are not interested in helping to stop murders they may have caused.

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