Saturday, February 12, 2011



Most people would learn their lesson after being arrested and thrown in the slammer for assaulting a critic of Mayor Young, but James “Jamie” Dickerson is not letting anything get in his way on his road to riches.  Hook or crook, Jamie is looking to get paid. 

On Monday, January 31, 2011, Atlantic Development and a subsidiary of Atlantic Development, Knickerbocker Construction, held a workshop at Mount Vernon Public Library for the purpose of soliciting Mount Vernon based contractors for the construction of the controversial massive low-income high rise on Gramatan Avenue.  

Mount Vernon Exposed™® was contacted by several contractors who were in attendance at the workshop held by Atlantic Development.  It was learned that Jamie Dickerson was also in attendance at the workshop held by Atlantic Development.  The contractors told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that Jamie was at the door taking attendance and writing down every name that came through the door.  After giving their information to Jamie, Jamie then told the contractors “everything comes through me”.  The contractor told Mount Vernon Exposed™® that he viewed the actions of Dickerson as an attempted shakedown.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® has reason to believe that the contractor’s encounter with Dickerson was tape recorded. Any contractor that may be a victim of Dickerson’s extortion and racketeering attempts must contact Mount Vernon Exposed™® immediately.  All information will be kept confidential. 

Dickerson has no regard for the law and corruption seems to be the main ingredient of his daily diet.  Dickerson has come under fire before for bilking taxpayers out of tens of thousands of dollars while he was employed with the City of Mount Vernon. (Please see  There have also been allegations that Jamie Dickerson is the bagman for Mayor Clinton Young and has already delivered envelopes filled with cash to Mayor Young and several other co-conspirators.  

Mount Vernon Exposed™® also has direct knowledge that Dickerson is directly in contact with Peter Fine and has contacted several elected officials throughout Westchester County for letters of support regarding the Atlantic Development project.  According to the New York Commission on Public Integrity, Dickerson is not registered as a lobbyist, so his actions and attempts to influence elected officials may be in violation of the law.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® will keep the public informed of the above mentioned activities. 

One must ask why Mayor Young surrounds himself with such shady and creepy characters such as Jamie Dickerson. Dickerson was instrumental in securing a position for his longtime girlfriend Tracy Thompson in the Mayor’s office.  Tracy is the daughter of NYS Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson. 


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