Thursday, February 10, 2011



Mount Vernon Exposed would like to apologize to its readers if we gave the impression that the City Council approved the sale of a property to the Chamber of Commerce.  Upon further review of the City Charter of Mount Vernon it appears that the City Council needed four out of five votes to approve the sale of a city owned property.  While Mount Vernon Exposed™® strives to be accurate in its reporting,  we recognize that we do not always receive perfect information.  Mount Vernon Exposed thanks those readers that provided us with the tips to present to the City Council. For now, this property is in control of Mount Vernon taxpayers.

§ 47. Disposition of real estate; franchises.
No ordinance shall be passed making or authorizing a sale or lease of City real estate or of any franchise belonging to or under the control of the City except by a four-fifths vote of all the members of the City Council. In case of a proposed sale or lease of real estate or of a franchise, the ordinance must provide for a disposition of the same at either a public auction to the highest bidder or through a private sale, and act to grant, for such consideration and upon such terms and conditions as the
City Council may deem proper, any right, title and interest which the City may have in such real property. In the case of a sale by public auction to the highest bidder, such public auction shall be conducted under proper regulations as to the giving of security, and after the public notice published once each week for three weeks in the official paper or papers. A sale or lease of real estate or a franchise shall not be valid or take effect unless made as aforesaid and subsequently approved by the Board of Estimate and Contract. No franchise shall be granted or be operated for a period longer than fifty years. The City Council may, however, grant to the owner or lessee of an existing franchise, under which operations are being actually carried on, such additional rights or extensions in the street or streets in which the said franchise exists, upon such terms as the interests of the City may require, with or without an advertisement, as the City Council may determine; provided, however, that no such grant shall be operative unless approved by the Board of Estimate and Contract, and also by the Mayor. (As amended by L.L. 1972, No. 1; L.L. 2001, No. 2)

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