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Corrupt Family Court Judge Kathie Davidson

Steve Sacco, Victim of Injustice and Corruption by Judge Kathie Davidson and Judge Nilda Morales Horowitz

Kathie E. Davidson is an administrative Judge NYS Family Court, White Plains, New York 10601
“It’s Not Justice in These Courts, It’s “Just Us”   Poetic Rhyme and Lyrics by Steve Sacco

Once upon a time awoke from a dream a dame who thought she was so fine
Mommy and Daddy saying, girl you be one of them lawyers and you’ll have a grand ole time!
Packing up to law school this young lass went, liken contracts, motions, torts and a myriad of events
Never think’ in someday soon Kathie E. would be maligning
All us cats who don’t settle in her court, she’s bound to be haranguing

Graduation Day came and it was a blast
Parties, guy’s, dancing and confetti, two years went so fast
So long Jurist Prudence facility and please pass no more gas
Look out now world I gotta get a good job and hope that it will last

I hear the County Attorney’s Office is a hiring it’s staff
So I better get off my ruffled duff and hope they don’t give a polygraph 
A cushy job and those white flunkies will beckon to my call
If not I’ll grab em by their throat, maybe then they’ll follow my protocol
I’ll learn the ropes and rituals from those who ran before
Now it ‘my turn to be elected and I must walk through that dark door  
Power, connections, and politics, I’ve such a happy grin
Even my disciples with all our entitlements think I’m a heroine

Our exclusive club here is cozy and phat, we own this show, do ‘in tricks every day if the public only know
We’re your shielded Judges, assigned lawyers, clerks, security, cps and quack doctors although
We can’t be sued by anyone so corrupt ‘in we must go
One hand washes the other here, its lunch time tally-ho
Fix it our way like Burger King is our only motto
And you ain’t do ‘in noth’in about it! We mock, ho ho, so forget about your rights they just flew out the window

The day you find justice here will be a cold day in hell, we fell The U.S. Constitution can’t you tell
Forget the oath of office, due process, the rule of law
Ha Ha to our founding Fathers’, truth and justice we deplore
Even though on that big black Bible we placed our hand and swore

Neva Think’ I’d ever sell my soul to Beelzebub, now I go
Ruin ‘in good father’s families, coerced children and the Spanish you know
Mommy’s falsities in the petition she withdrew when taking “the stand”
I like your malicious conduct Mrs. Heather Sacco, don’t worry the outcomes in my hand!
Violent live-in boyfriend, guns and beating up his wife
Assaulting his mother and four others Henry Camardella pulled the bloodied knife
I’m The Queen of Sheba my eyes are veiled from the truth
I’m above the law, making back door deals, can’t you see I’m living proof
And “the Child’s best interests,” oh no, in my mind that’s just a goof
Tampering with evidence, changing the record and ex parte affairs its part of a spoof
Attorney’s Cambariere, Guttridge, Humphrey, law guardian Kolnik, cps Jamala Smith are under my roof

The county quack physician  Dr. Ruth Cohen’s falsified reports
Along with all hearsay statements are entered into evidence in these horrendous courts  
How else could we find Mr. Sacco guilty when we have no proof
Mr. and Mrs. Public don’t come in hea looking for justice; we’ll put you through the roof

Innumerable “procedural errors” on purpose were produced
Muzzling any arguments so Mr. Sacco’s retained attorneys couldn’t be used
Denying all their motions, evidence and dragging the trial out four years
My friends Cambararie, Guttridge, Humphrey, Kolnik, cps Jamela Smith I allowed ramble on like auctioneers

I ended the trial abruptly, Sacco’s witnesses on the stand
I couldn’t hear any more of their testimony; they made his fatherhood seem so grand
When it came to giving him his last rights I figured I’d drowned him in sinking sand
Then I grabbed Assigned Attorney Daniel Pagano in the hall to take Mr. Sacco by the hand

Not giving him time to get familiar with the case
I was sure to have an outcome that I thought no one could trace
Do I have to beat it into you? Can’t you see by now, I’m a total disgrace!

But I’m not done yet with my dirty tricks
When Pagano filed the Appeal papers in the clerk’s office downstairs it took its licks
We lost the papers don’t you see, this “parental alienation” thing feels good to me.
So now, Mr. Sacco, what do you think?
 I kidnapped your kid and gave him to a fink!
Violent Henry Camardella to take your place
I know you told me in open court, you’d sue me to my face!!!

Oh, and one more thing I failed to mention,
Did I tell you,  I’m on the board of the Westchester County Domestic Violence Convention!!!

So, that’s the story of your family court
And it won’t be over till we retort and put behind bars
 Those who take what’s ours
So our children can dance in the sun and live out the legacy we’ve begun
You can email Mr. Sacco at for further information and to join the fight to expose the corruption and brutality in the Family Courts in Westchester County, New York 10601

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