Monday, August 8, 2011


Mayor Davis’ has finally realized that his campaign is over before it even began.  Mayor Davis’, through the libelous and propaganda filled “Roadrunner Express” rant continues to spread false rumors throughout Mount Vernon.  Meet Mount Vernon’s own Marion Barry.

In an e-edition of the Roadrunner Express received today, author unknown, Mayor Davis and his circus cast of characters, stated that The Mount Vernon Exposed is being paid by a Mayoral candidate to sling mud.  First and foremost, Mount Vernon Exposed is not for sale and we are not being paid by anyone.  We feel that we owe it to the voters to reveal the criminality of former Mayor Ernest Davis.  Financial Disclosure records of all Mayoral candidates will reveal this fact.  Such slanderous and libelous statements will be challenged.

The Roadrunner Express did not deny any of the allegations brought forth by Mount Vernon Exposed, so we will believe them to be true.  “Mount Vernon must not allow invasive investigations into an opponent's personal life and rattling of bones of the skeletons in an opponent's closet to sway votes” We took this quote directly from Roadrunner Express.   It is evident that Mayor Davis is still high on whatever leisure drug he likes to fool around with in his spare time.  Shame on you Mr. Davis, for hiding behind an anonymous rag while crying like a little baby.  Your greed, cronyism, and nepotism, have turned Mount Vernon into what it is today.  You are not the self-proclaimed “Savior” of Mount Vernon.

Every stone will be unturned as we reveal who you really are.   So Mayor Davis? Where is the money that you looted? We will be watching you closely Mr. Davis. The public deserves transparency and that is what we will give them.  Pay your taxes or keep your mouth shut.  Period.

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