Saturday, August 13, 2011


John Boykin, the foul mouthed punk that was caught on tape threatening community activist Samuel L. Rivers has emerged from hiding and has decided to run for City Council. Boykin was hired as the “Special Assistant” to Mayor Young immediately after Young was sworn into office. Young even rewarded this degenerate by promoting him as Deputy Director to the Youth Bureau.  While attending Cornell University, Boykin was charged with assault for violently smashing a glass bottle over the head of a fellow classmate.  The victim required a massive amount of stitches to close the gaping wound.  It is alleged that the dispute was over a female.  

Boykin’s’ troubles don’t end there.  Boykin also crashed his city issued vehicle while he was on the taxpayers’ dime.  It has been alleged that Boykin was intoxicated when the crash occurred.

For the past two years, sources close to Boykin have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Boykin has been on the payroll of the strip club Sue’s Rendezvous, and has even been a paid consultant for their illegal attempt to expand their business in downtown Mount Vernon.  Boykin also frequently lobbied Zoning Board and City Council members on behalf of Sue’s Rendezvous.  According to the NYS Commission on Public Integrity, Boykin is not registered as a lobbyist.  Boykin was also allegedly paid as a consultant for the failed supermarket, Key Food in Fleetwood.

Boykin, long rumored to be the personal “boy toy” of Mayor Clinton Young, can be seen on a daily basis campaigning with some of the city’s most dangerous thugs and gangsters.  One such dangerous and violent individual is Antoine Lowe, Director of Civil Defense for the City of Mount Vernon.  Sources have also told Mount Vernon Exposed, that Boykin is in the liquor business and is in contractual negotiations with Sue’s Rendezvous to develop an alcoholic beverage for the strip club. Dickerson is also the point person or “bagman” for Mayor Young.  

Sources close to Boykin also personally told Mount Vernon Exposed that Boykin has hired Antoine Lowe as his campaign consultant/manager for the upcoming Democratic Primary. Lowe’s name appears first on Boykin’s’ nominating petitions for City Council.  Lowe was convicted of soliciting an undercover Mount Vernon detective posing as a crack addicted prostitute.  Lowe also stands accused of muscling and shaking down local business owners on the orders of Mayor Clinton Young.  Antoine Lowe stands about 6’2” and weighs about 450 pounds.  How’s that for intimidation?  One can imagine that Boykin, Dickerson, and Lowe are threatening people to vote for Boykin.  Lowe has been known to pull his gun on people when things don’t go his way.  This is the famed “Brain Trust” of Mayor Clinton Young.  

On July 25, 2011, Mount Vernon Exposed received a tip that Antoine Lowe was shopping while getting paid by Mount Vernon taxpayers.  Mount Vernon Exposed was provided with information, including a sales receipt that Antoine Lowe was shopping at Burlington Coat Factory on Central Avenue in Yonkers, when he should have been at work.  The arrogance of this criminal doesn’t end there.  Lowe also drove his city issued Ford Taurus to Burlington Coat factory and illegally parked it in the fire lane while he did his personal shopping.  Mayor Young sure knows how to recruit talent for his administration.  

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