Friday, January 17, 2014


Mount Vernon Hall Of Shame

If anyone had any doubt that Judith Johnson, Francis Wynn and Lenny Sarver are trying to destroy the lives of the children of Mount Vernon, they can now be rest assured knowing  that they are.

While President Gerald Whiteside was absent, acting board President Lenny Sarver, and Superintendent Judith Johnson, tried to hire Rene Davis as a teacher assistant. Rene Davis is the daughter of Mayor Ernie Davis. It is no secret in Mount Vernon that Rene has had a substance abuse problem for a very long time.  

School board members are supposed to receive information on items they will vote on prior to their meeting. There are even work sessions to discuss the issues to be voted on. Employee hiring’s should be backed up with proper documentation of the applicant, such as resumes.  At the request of Ernie Davis, Judith Johnson and Lenny Sarver bypassed proper protocol, and added Rene Davis’s voting tab to the agenda Wednesday night. It was submitted without any supporting documentation. Lenny Sarver has long been described as being in Ernie Davis’s back pocket.


Mount Vernon Exposed has learned that there were several highly qualified people who applied for this position, but the children’s interest was ignored. Francis Wynn who is the Aunt of Rene Davis, and who should have recused herself from the vote, voted yes, and then walked out of the board meeting when Rene’s employment was voted down by diligent Trustees. Francis Wynn is an embarrassment to Mount Vernon, and will go into the Hall of Shame, which is full of people who have a long history of destroying Mount Vernon. The other Trustees beside Francis Wynn who voted yes to Rene Davis’s employment, were Lenny Sarver, Elias Goodzeit, and Brenda Crump.

Judith Johnson is a horrendous Superintendent. Any Superintendent who makes a decision to insert Rene Davis in the classroom, while putting children’s lives in jeopardy, will go down as being one of the worst Superintendents in American history.

Speaking of The Hall of Shame in the Mount Vernon school district, you can add the following as destroyers of the lives of Mount Vernon children.  Rev Franklin Richardson, Rev Daren Moore, Francis Wynn, Ernie Davis, Carol BenReuben, Lynn McBride, Dr. Wilton Sawyer, The Mount Vernon Democratic Committee, Jeff Yonkers, Timothy Costello, Lenny Sarver and Judith Johnson. All of these Hall of Shame members have blood on their hands for destroying an entire generation of children. A job well done.

Judith Johnson is throwing away taxpayer monies again. Some individuals continue to get rich, by ordering hundreds of thousands of dollars of books that our children cannot use. These boxes of books line the halls and basements of schools throughout the district.  Did Judith Johnson receive a kickback from the vendor that sold the Mount Vernon School District these books?

Books just sitting in the hallway

Where is the promised audit? Judith Johnson, Lenny Sarver, Francis Wynn, Elias Gootzeit, and Timothy Costello, have pushed the promised audit into the background, hoping that it never gets done. They are trying to stay out of jail.

The Superintendent search is a scam. The search committee is full of the same Church officials who have destroyed our school district. One of the search committee members, is Grace Baptist member Henry May. Sources have informed Mount Vernon exposed that Henry May no longer lives in Mount Vernon. I guess the saying is true; Dogs don’t crap where they sleep. Any Superintendent selected from this search committee will be someone the churches and our City Hall Politicians want in office to continue to make them rich.

As we speak, the UBC, and The Mount Vernon Democratic party are preparing to hijack the next school board election. We will be reaching out to residents in Mount Vernon to explain what is really going on in their city.  We will be collecting signatures to send to the IRS, demanding that they revoke the 501 c 3 tax-exempt status of churches that participate in illegal political campaigning. We will also ask concerned members and visitors of these churches to record any discussions, and endorsements of candidates.  We will also expose the Mount Vernon Democratic Committee. Make no mistake, crimes have been committed and people will go to jail. 

To be continued………

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