Thursday, January 2, 2014


Comptroller Maureen Walker

A New Beginning

In a bizarre end of the year move, Mount Vernon Comptroller Maureen Walker fired 1st Deputy Comptroller, Tom Rajala. It has long been known that Mr. Rajala ran the operations of the Comptroller’s office on a day-to-day basis. Since Maureen Walker’s Mayoral defeat in 2011, she has joined forces with her past enemies. Her supporters would be shocked to discover how much she has aligned herself with the destructive policies she fought against all of her career.

According to political insiders, Comptroller Maureen Walker is desperately trying to receive the Democratic Committee endorsement for Mayor in 2015, and will do anything to secure it. Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that the firing of Tom Rajala was an inside deal between Maureen Walker and her new allies.  Sources said that Maureen agreed to fire Tom Rajala by trumping up charges of racism against him. Comptroller Walker would then hire someone to replace Mr. Rajala who is favorable to her new political allies.  If Maureen Walker becomes Mayor, she will then appoint that person to Comptroller. This will guarantee a stranglehold on the Board Of Estimate. This will also guarantee the bankruptcy of Mount Vernon.

According to City Hall sources, a former employee of Comptroller Walker named Margaret who now works elsewhere in City Hall, was berating employees in Comptroller Walker's office telling them that if they didn't attend Comptroller's Walker holiday gathering and inauguration  they would be fired.  Deputy Comptroller Rajala happened to stumble upon Margeret giving a tongue lashing to the employee.  Rajala spoke up and told Margeret that she didn't have the right to make such demands and speak to his employee in the manner she was addressing them.  

Margaret, a close friend and former student of Comptroller Walker, then went to Comptroller Walker and said that Rajala called her a "Nigger".   Walker then took it upon herself to terminate Rajala without proper due process.  It is unclear if Comptroller Walker notified the law department or went through the Human Resources Department when terminating Rajala.  If Comptroller Walker circumvented the personnel process, taxpayers will be liable for damages if Mr. Rajala decides to sue the City of Mount Vernon.  

 Maureen Walker no longer speaks out against any legislation detrimental to the citizens of Mount Vernon. The City Council is working on a double-digit tax increase. Our same City Council has passed legislation to allow the construction of dozens of tax-abated buildings. This will add thousands to Mount Vernon’s population, a city already overcrowded. With developers not paying their fair share of taxes, homeowners will have to pick up the additional cost of services. Taxpayers will be on the hook for $29,000 per year for each student who enters the school system. Crime will rise significantly. This is a doomsday scenario for Mount Vernon’s future.

Comptroller Maureen Walker is the financial watchdog of Mount Vernon. She owes her constituents answers as to why she has been so silent the past 2 years while our city heads towards financial ruins.

 The firing of Tom Rajala, a tireless worker for The City of Mount Vernon makes no sense whatsoever. In the last two years we have seen a total transformation of Comptroller Maureen Walker. She was once a politician we could trust, but she has now turned her back on the people of Mount Vernon in order to advance her career. Maureen Walker ran for Mayor under the slogan “A New Beginning”. This is not quite what we imagined.

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