Thursday, January 23, 2014


Do As I Say Not As I Do



Mount Vernon was hit with a blizzard, and deadly low temperatures, but on Wednesday, Superintendent Judith Johnson ordered schools opened with a 2-hour delay. How was Ms. Johnson’s early ride into work, you may ask? A piece of cake, because Judith Johnson did not come to work until about an hour before school closed.  

While a dangerous Polar Vortex and blizzard griped Mt Vernon, plunging temperatures to 5 degrees, with a wind chill factor at -30, our Superintendent sent 5 year olds into dangerous weather. Mount Vernon Exposed was informed, that Judith Johnson had the audacity to avoid work until extremely late (about 1 hour before schools close), and only after receiving complaints.

Lenny Sarver and Judith Johnson unsuccessfully tried to hire Ernie Davis’s daughter, Rene Davis, as a teacher’s assistant. Rene has struggled with a substance abuse problem for a very long time. Sources have informed Mount Vernon Exposed, that Rene Davis has already been teaching in the school district as a substitute for over a year. Rene has been employed by the school district at the urging of Ernie Davis, and implemented by Judith Johnson and Lenny Sarver.

Sources have also informed Mount Vernon Exposed of the following; Rene Davis was never given a drug test as required by law, and has had many instances of losing control of the classroom. Rene constantly sits at her desk and doesn’t attempt to educate the children. Rene was transferred from Davis to Columbus school because of incompetence.

 Judith Johnson should have informed board members that Rene Davis was already employed in the district.  Furthermore, since Rene Davis was already teaching in the Mount Vernon school system, Superintendent Johnson should have supplied Rene Davis’s classroom record to board members for evaluation. Judith Johnson created the Teacher Assistant position for Rene Davis at Columbus Elementary School. It was not a vacated position, so it was only created to give Rene Davis a paycheck. There were more qualified Teacher’s Assistants who were overlooked.

As a compromise, one such qualified individual was given a job at another elementary school. This type of egregious behavior is the reason why Mount Vernon Schools is a feeder program to Valhalla Prison. The behavior of Superintendent Johnson, for selling out our children is appalling. The behavior of Lenny Sarver, who is the liaison between Ernie Davis and school district, is appalling. The behavior of Francis Wynn, for voting on her Niece’s full time employment and then walking out of the meeting, because Rene was denied that employment, is also appalling.

It is now very clear, that Judith Johnson is not in control of the school system.  She has become a political puppet to the Ministers and City Hall. Judith Johnson, Lenny Sarver, and Francis Wynn should immediately resign. Mount Vernon Exposed is interested in finding how the two missing board members would have voted. Mount Vernon Exposed is also interested in finding out which board members will vote for applicants from the bogus Superintendent search committee? Board members only should perform a Superintendent search. Members of political and church affiliations should not be involved in finding a Superintendent for Mount Vernon.

Judith Johnson is on a fast track to get rid of Mount Vernon High School Principal Ronald Gonzalez. Sources told Mount Vernon Exposed, that several years ago when the Principal’s job at Mount Vernon High School was open, there was a white male applicant with tremendous credentials. Board member Carol Ben Reuben, huddled with Rev Richardson and Superintendent Sawyer, and they all agreed that they did not want a white principal at the high school, so Gonzalez was hired. After a shaky first year, Mr. Gonzalez has actually done a good job as principal. Student fights and suspensions are down, while attendance is up. Mr. Gonzales implemented the Plato system, a computerized assistant instruction system, and graduation rates are up.

So what is the obsession of Judith Johnson, in trying to get rid of Principal Gonzales? First of all, Johnson and Gonzales have crossed paths before. Sources told Mount Vernon Exposed, that Judith hired Gonzales when she was in Peekskill, and then reneged on the hire, forcing Gonzales back to The NYC school system.

Mr. Gonzales has cracked down on the high school teachers, and some of them are church backed. That is a dangerous line for Mr. Gonzales to cross. Just like our building maintenance workers, church backed teachers refuse to work, and anyone who crosses them, will be targeted. In other words, anyone who expects them to do their job will be dealt with.

 Sources have informed Mount Vernon Exposed that this past Monday, the day we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, Grace Baptist Church honored Judith Johnson.  Dr. Martin Luther King would be horrified to know what is going on in Mt Vernon. The faces of the destruction of our children, are no longer white, and hidden under sheets. They are black, Superintendents of school districts, preach from the pulpit, and run City Hall.  

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