Friday, November 20, 2015


Richard Thomas promised transparency and to put an end to corruption when elected as Mayor, but instead Mr. Thomas has assembled a team of criminals and shady businessmen to "Win the Future" for Mount Vernon. 

The United States attorney must launch a full-scale investigation into the source of Richard Thomas' campaign finances and investigate the extortion committed by Richard Thomas' campaign.

Richard Thomas has aligned himself with corrupt and shady businessman Joseph Spiezio.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Spiezio also doubles as a government informant and is also connected to the Luchese Crime Family.  Spiezio is the owner of R&S Waste Services.  Spiezio through his puppet Richard Thomas is seeking to privatize D.P.W., a move that will cost Mount Vernon taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

The shady Spiezio has a history of breaking the law and not paying wages to workers.  In fact, the shady Spiezio was fined over $50K in the state of Louisiana for constructing homes without the proper licenses. 

On election night, Richard Thomas publicly thanked Mr. Spiezio as one of his advisors.  Sources told Mount Vernon Exposed that Spiezio dropped over $100K cash into Richard Thomas' lap to ensure that Spiezio's dirty deals and privatization of D.P.W. are not met with any resistance whatsoever.

The Thomas campaign has been a campaign of fraud, deceit, shakedowns, and thuggery.  Thomas' advisors even consisted of several convicted felons who are still involved with felonious activities. 

Taxpayers will be feeling the effects of Thomas' corruption when they are hit with a tax increase because of increased costs associated with dumping at D.P.W.  Thomas, who chairs the Department of Public Works as City Councilman, has been allowing corruption at D.P.W. to go undetected. 

Richard Thomas has already cost Mount Vernon taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars by filing a baseless lawsuit seeking to stop work at Memorial Field.  The judge saw right through Thomas' malarkey and political grandstanding.  Thomas jumped at the opportunity on what he saw as good press coverage to divert the public’s attention away from the criminal activity surrounding his campaign finances. 

A D.P.W. insider told Mount Vernon Exposed that there has been triple the amount of garbage dumped at D.P.W. within the last six months. The insider said that private trucks without markings have been coming to the D.P.W. yard dumping garbage that should be disposed of there.  The insider told Mount Vernon Exposed that chatter around the D.P.W. indicated that the trucks dumping at D.P.W. belong to Spiezio and the drivers are told not to dump if there is anyone present down at the yard.  The insider said that the trucks come in the middle of the night when a skeleton crew is working.

When Thomas thanked Spiezio publicly on News12, it sent a clear signal that organized crime will be free to operate unscathed in the City of Mount Vernon for the next four years.  A simple search of "Joe Spiezio or Joseph Spiezio in Google would produce dozens of pages pertaining to the shady businessman and a trail of destruction he has left up and down the east coast.

Mayor Elect Thomas has appointed mafia associate Spiezio as the head of his transition team.  Spiezio started interviewing potential candidates for cabinet posts this week.  Spiezio wants to make sure he controls who is going in as D.P.W. Commissioner so that he can further his criminal enterprise. 

Many in the Mount Vernon community are puzzled as to how Mayor Elect Thomas became associated with Mr. Spiezio.  Mount Vernon Exposed will explain. 

Mayor Elect Thomas' older brother Steven "Butch" Thomas has been on Spiezio's payroll for years.  Butch has told members of the community that he is responsible for installing the cameras and GPS on Spiezio's fleet of garbage trucks.  How much cash did big brother Butch get paid to make to the introduction to brother Rich?  Was this cash reported to the I.R.S.?

Butch is also trying to take on another role in the City of Mount Vernon.  Butch Thomas has told folks that him, Spiezio and others have started dozens of shell companies that will be putting up "hotels" and other buildings in the City of Mount Vernon.  In other words, Butch has admitted that "extortion" would the major source of income for Mayor Elect Richard Thomas and the members of his cabinet.

Here is how the scheme will work:  Any developer seeking to do business in Mount Vernon would first have to meet with Spiezio.  Spiezio would then muscle his way into the deal and receive a cut of the profits he isn’t morally entitled to.  How is that for transparency?

Butch Thomas has also be going on public rants, threatening those that have opposing views on his brother Richard Thomas' candidacy. 

To be continued...

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