Wednesday, November 4, 2015


About 7 years ago, The City of Mount Vernon received monies to start the rehabilitation of Memorial Field.  Now 7 years later, Memorial Field is still in shambles with mounds of dirt piled more than 10 feet high.

A Mount Vernon taxpayer tipped Mount Vernon Exposed off to a scheme-taking place at Memorial Field that may end up costing Mount Vernon taxpayers millions of dollars.  Water Commissioner Anthony Bove has been named project manager for Memorial Field.  This is in addition to his taxpayer paid position as water commissioner.  Commissioner Bove lacks the basic constructions and knowledge to hold the position of project manager.  Prior to becoming Water Commissioner, Bove made pizza from his shop on East Third Street. 

The insider told Mount Vernon Exposed that the dirt piled high in Memorial Field did not come from Memorial Field but instead unmarked trucks are carting it in.   The carters are friends of Bove.  The insider said that he had direct knowledge that Bove was being paid to look the other way to let his friends dump contaminated dirt at Memorial Field.   As project manager, Bove is responsible for ordering supplies through various vendors.  The insider told Mount Vernon Exposed that the dirt being carted is contaminated with mercury, asbestos, oil, and other hazardous chemicals. 

Mount Vernon Exposed decided to check out Memorial Field to see what the fuss was about.  Mount Vernon Exposed got to Memorial Field at approximately 10:30 A.M. on Tuesday, November 3, 2015 (Election Day) to inspect the allegations of contaminated dirt. Upon entering Memorial Field, Mount Vernon Exposed immediately notice the enormous mound of dirt and big boulders all over the place. 

Mount Vernon Exposed also noticed Commissioner Bove's car parked near the entrance of Memorial Field.  That was surprising because City Hall was closed because of Election Day.

Mount Vernon Exposed then approached Commissioner Bove regarding the dirt and asked him if he had a manifest from where the dirt was purchased.  Bove, unable to answer the questions, gave a series of silly answers that absolutely made no sense whatsoever. 

Bove was also questioned about why was the acceptance of dirt was not on any City Council meeting agenda, as the City Council and the Board of Estimate must approve all gifts and purchases made by the City of Mount Vernon. 

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that the Department of Environmental Protection (D.E.P.) was contacted to investigate the contaminated dirt. 

If the dirt is found to be contaminated, it will cost the City of Mount Vernon taxpayers an exorbitant amount of money to cure and clean up the mess created because of the greed of Commissioner Bove. 

Bove has been no stranger to controversy.  Bove made headlines last year when he illegally gave himself a raise that was not approved by the City Council or The Board of Estimate.   Bove's secretary paid herself overtime that was approved by Bove and ended up getting arrested and prosecuted.

Bove is a mad man out of control shaking down everyone in sight around town.  Bove who is prone to taking bribes is also quite the extortionist.  An employee is Bove's office, Anthony Della Mura, passed the required civil service examination for his respected position.

Della Mura was one of the top three scores, which makes him eligible to be appointed to the position.  Civil service law allows the hiring authority to appoint from the top three scores to the position. 

Instead of appointing Della Mura to the position he rightfully earned and deserved, Bove thought of a get rich quick scheme to put some fast cash in his pocket. 

Bove demanded a $10K cash payment from Della Mura to be appointed to the position he had passed the test for.  According to the source, Bove even suggested that Della Mura provide the payment to him in installments: $5,000 upfront and the final payment of $5,000 after the appointment goes through.

Federal investigators must probe city hall to put an end to this corruption once and for all. People like Bove who masquerade as public servants, but in actuality are lining their own pockets, belong in jail. 

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