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Embattled Mayor Elect Richard Thomas continues to perpetrate fraud upon the masses.  Yesterday, the embattled Mayor Elect sent out an email addressing recent attacks and vowing to demolish the status quo.

This is the most recent malarkey from the tough talking, double talking politician who cares about no ones agenda but his own. The truth is, Mayor Elect Richard Thomas cannot be trusted with anything that comes out of his mouth.

In his "press release", Thomas said the recent attacks were caused by outside job seekers who are trying to "impugn his reputation".  Thomas "impugned" his own reputation when he announced on News12 that Joseph Spiezio is his advisor. It has also been alleged by a political insider that Thomas accepted a huge cash payoff from his mob connected top advisor Joseph Spiezio. Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Spiezio is connected to the Luchese Crime Family.

Richard Thomas is trying to divert the public's attention away from the federal probe of his campaign finances and illegal cash payments received by him and members of his inner circle. 


Spiezio is the devil reincarnated and is always no more than a stone's thrown away from his puppet, Richard Thomas.

Thomas wants Spiezio to be perceived as a "good guy" that cares about Mount Vernon, but the truth is, Spiezio is a no good dirty dog that is only interested in paying off politicians to further his own agenda of making the Luchese Crime Family rich. 

One must wonder how did Spiezio get money to start his trash hauling business?  Was all of the money clean and legitimate?

According to a political insider, Richard Thomas who has never made more than $55K annually in his life, was told by Spiezio that he was going to be a "multi millionaire" by the time he left office. 

The young Thomas eyes popped wide open according to sources when Spiezio dropped over $100K in cash in his lap.  Ever since then, Thomas has been at the beck and call of his puppet master Joe Spiezio.

The shady businessman Joe Spiezio has been in the background calling the shots for the Richard Thomas campaign for quite some time now. 

Mount Vernon Exposed will now thoroughly break down how the shady businessman got involved with Thomas.

Richard Thomas had plans of becoming "Rich" before he even decided to run for Mayor. 

On December 15, 2014, Spiezio paid for a lawyer named Michael J. Khader, who has an office located at 733 Yonkers Avenue, to draft a letter demanding that Mayor Ernie Davis resign from office because of his guilty plea.

In his misleading letter, Khader said he was retained by Mount Vernon residents and taxpayers to represent them concerning the alleged violations of the Mount Vernon City Charter.

Spiezio and Richard's publicity stunt even made it into the Journal News.  Khader stated that the group of taxpayers wished to remain anonymous.  This was all a bunch of bull because there were actually no taxpayers that actually retained Khader.  Khader, Spiezio's attorney for years, was paid by Spiezio for his false and misleading letter to City of Mount Vernon officials.  In fact, Richard Thomas was bragging the day before that something was getting ready to come out on Ernie.

The criminal plot thickens:  Richard Thomas promised Michael J. Khader through his puppet master Joseph Spiezio the City of Mount Vernon's top lawyer job: Corporation Counsel. According to a political insider, Khader had to do two things before he received what he was promised.  Khader had to eliminate Mayor Ernie Davis and Mount Vernon Exposed Publisher Samuel L. Rivers.  Although not verified, Spiezio and Mayor Elect Richard Thomas instructed Khader to file a frivolous and bogus lawsuit against Samuel L. Rivers in an attempt to silence him from putting out the truth about Thomas and Spiezio. With Khader at the helm of the law department, Spiezio and Thomas will be secured knowing that their dirty deals will go through without opposition. 

"I have heard that there was some sort of action filed in New York State Supreme Court, however I was not officially served.  I will respond appropriately and publicly when I am served and I look forward to my day in court.  Richard Thomas, Michael Khader, and Joseph Spiezio through the discovery process will now be forced to open their books so the money trail can be traced. No stone will be left unturned during this court battle, said Rivers"

The lawyer on Spiezio's payroll, Michael Khader has a questionable past as well.  For starters, Khader is also alleged to have ties the Luchese Crime Family.  Sources told Mount Vernon Exposed that Khader routinely asks clients for retainer fees to be paid in cash and rarely, if at all provides a receipt or any documentation to his clients.  Does the I.R.S. know about the cash?  Is this reported on Khader's tax returns?

Attorney Michael Khader appears to be a no-frills lawyer.  He does not have a working website.  The website listed at has been under construction forever. 

Attorney Michael Khader has long been a part of Yonkers corruption.  He has a shady brother that was part of the Sandy Annabi and Zehy Jereis federal indictment.  According to an article published by Hezi Aris of the Yonkers Tribune:

Recognizing Dr. Sayegh was no longer a viable threat, Mr Mangone figured he could pay off Mr Khader $5,000, though it was said in those days to have been as much as $15,000. Neverthe- less, Mr Mangone gave Mr Khader $5,000 in cash, and kept the balance for himself.

The $5,000 payment received by Mr Khader would unravel the supposedly close knit political wannabees of the Westchester integrity Committee. Each individual, to some degree or another, were obsessed with accusing each other of theft of the money they expected to share equally. Mr Mangone got most of the cash and Mr Khader some of it, and Senator Nick Spano lost the political challenge to Andrea Stewart-Cousins, the present incumbent senator of the district.


Michael Khader's brother is John Khader, owner of Top Class Limousine.  Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that John Khader is alleged to be a drug kingpin and has used his illicit drug proceeds to funds various development projects throughout Yonkers including Spiezio's trash hauling business.

A political insider told Mount Vernon Exposed that John and his brother Michael pay off Yonkers politicians and dirty cops so their illegal drug business continues to flourish without interference from law enforcement officials.  

John Khader publicly states every prom season that his drivers are safe and all his cars are drug and alcohol free when it fact, it is the exact opposite.  Sources told Mount Vernon Exposed that clients book cars at Top Class Limousine because of the readily available access of any designer narcotic. 

Federal prosecutors must investigate Richard Thomas, Michael Khader,  John Khader, and Joseph Spiezio at once.

To be continued:

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