Monday, November 16, 2015


Vote No To The School Bond

If you want to know how past school bonds were stolen, you need to look no further than how the current proposed school bond is being put together. District Business Manager, Ken Silver is setting the people of Mt Vernon up for a $108 million disaster. It is irresponsible to ask the people of Mt Vernon to pass a $104 million bond, especially since previous bonds were misused. A good portion of the proposed bond, is to fix problems caused by poor work performed with previous bond money. Silver and his cronies have drawn the line in the sand, and want controversial Architects, Fuller and D’Angelo to have full control of this obscene bond amount. No oversight will be allowed. Previous misused bonds, resulted in a tripling of school taxes. Mt Vernon Exposed has been informed, that previous board member Lenny Sarver, and former Business Manager, Tim Costello are controlling their hand picked Business Manager, Ken Silver.  Sarver, and Rev. Franklyn Richardson have a very close relationship with Fuller and D’Angelo, and want their Architect firm to have full control of the bond. In the past 15 years, over $200 million in bond monies were misused by crooked Architects. It appears the citizens of Mt Vernon are being taken down the same dark alley. Sources inside Grace Baptist Church say that board member Omar McDowell has been anointed the point man to make sure no one is watching how this bond is spent. McDowell is vigorously pushing Fuller and D’Angelo to receive a $10 million no bid contract. The Architect firm will then be able to hand pick contractors, and will decide the amount they receive. This is a disaster waiting to happen. McDowell appears to be no stranger to illegal activity.  Sources report that he illegally registered his vehicle out of state, to save on insurance cost. This is against NY State law. McDowell has a cozy relationship with Richardson and his sidekick, Rev Mizell.

Longfellow and Grimes schools were poorly built 11 years ago, and are falling apart. Who is responsible for this, and why isn’t the school district going after people who misused our bond money? What are they trying to hide?

This bond request is outrageous, and money to fix construction problems should come from the people who improperly built Longfellow and Grimes, not taxpayers. We need oversight on bond money. Ten million dollar no bid contracts are insane. Would Silver try to pull this stunt in Scarsdale or Eastchester? This is why children in poor districts suffer so much. Officials in those districts care more about contracts than children.

We can only guess that Silver’s plan is to try to scare the people of Mt Vernon, by suggesting property taxes will rise if the bond is not approved. He will say or do anything, but he has not presented a fair bond proposal to the citizens of Mt Vernon, with a proper bidding process, and adequate oversight. If a bond is not passed, Ken Silver should take full responsibility for his actions.

People of Mt Vernon Beware. We believe the fix is in, and the people of Mt Vernon are being set up. We hope our board members will protect us by opening an investigation on past bonds. If the bond proposal ever gets in front of the voters with a price tag of $104 million, we will vote it down. Also, we will not trust the budget proposal in May, which will be presented by the same, Ken Silver. Just like it was in the past, educating children is not the priority.

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