Sunday, October 18, 2009


With the country in its current financial crisis it is expected that government entities set examples by cutting back on spending, not implement reckless habits. Two words are indeed absent from the vocabulary of the Young administration, “fiscally conservative. “ Instead they have embarked on mission: “Spend all that I can, as fast as I can”. While other municipalities have tightened their belts and are doing more with less, that is not the case here in Mount Vernon.
In this economic climate, Mayor Young and his cronies know no limits when it comes to taxpayer funds. They Young administration has been diagnosed with O.P.M. Syndrome (Other’s People Money). The O.P.M. disease is highly contagious. This plague is severe and has been known to completely destroy communities. There is only one cure known to man to completely eradicate this disease. It is called Votecillin a.k.a known as "Vote." This medication must be taken in doses twice a year. The first dose must be administered on November 3rd, 2009 between the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Failure to this medication as prescribed can lead to severe financial turmoil and/or death

Symptoms of O.P.M
· Displays Arrogant, Selfish, Behavior
· Prone to Favoritism, Nepotism, and Cronyism
· Reckless spending habits
· Every other word that comes out of your mouth is a lie
· Has a sense of self entitlement
· While holding elected office does not feel the need to keep the public informed of decisions
· Hide behinds one own shadow

Mount Vernon Exposed has discovered that the Young administration has rewarded Marcus Griffith for his historic landslide defeat against Maureen Walker. A brand new position has been voted and created for Griffith. These foolhardy actions should come as no surprise to Mount Vernon taxpayers. Mayor Young is hastily trying to pass legislation because he is about to lose his rubber stamps on the City Council. The City Council passed this resolution 5-0.Councilpersons that are campaigning on a platform of independence are now showing symptoms of O.P.M as they have supported this tommyrot. They too must been contained and quarantined on November 3rd, 2009. One has to wonder what deals have been struck behind closed doors.

Mt. Vernon approves $20.7M borrowing for new Memorial Field stadium

Ernie Garcia

MOUNT VERNON - The City Council has taken a big step toward building a new sports area at Memorial Field with the approval of $20.7 million in borrowing.
The city will issue $2.3 million in bonds to pay for parking, open space improvements and construction at Memorial Field, whose 1930 stadium near the Pelham border is a local landmark to many who patronize the shopping center across Sanford Boulevard.
The old stadium will be razed next year to make way for a sports complex, which will include an illuminated synthetic-turf football/soccer field; natural-turf illuminated soccer field; grandstands for 4,000; eight-lane track; and an illuminated basketball court.
The new buildings will include a ticket booth, concession stand, bathrooms and locker rooms.
The county's Westchester Legacy fund will pay for $9.7 million of the complex, with the city responsible for the balance of the total, estimated at $10.7 million by the city and $12.7 million by the county.
The council approved the borrowing at its Wednesday meeting, not long after county and city officials gathered Oct. 7 at Memorial Field to kick off preparations for the old stadium's demolition.
The new complex will serve city and county residents through an agreement for the county to lease the park from the city and contribute funds for the project.
In addition to spending on Memorial Field, the City Council voted to borrow an additional $18.4 million for a long list of improvement projects. The funds will pay for the renovation of various playgrounds, the Dole Center, the Armory, Fire Station 3 and other municipal buildings.
The bonds will also pay for street paving and sewer projects, fire-fighting equipment and municipal technology systems.

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